3 October 2018 11:47 am
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Hey and hello! Here we are again. Hope you have fun with this. Please don't feel chained to the details of any of these prompts - pick and choose what you like. My name on AO3 is jaegermighty

My only hard DNW is rape/SA/dub-con, and explicit discussion of the aftermath of such. I am also not a huge fan of PWPs, but it's not a hard no for me - I just generally like sex scenes to be paired with something a little meatier. (Plot-wise, I mean. No pun intended, heh.)

Some general likes: plot divergences, trope in/subversion, fusion-style crossovers, curtain fic. I've been on a huge time travel kick lately with my writing and my reading, so anything up that alley would be great. I like exploration of emotional growth (or emotional backsliding), and relationship development, be it romantic or otherwise. I'm big on what we used to call "flangst" back in the day - do people still use this term - a mix between happy/sad, funny/angsty. I like rom com tropes and all the classic shipping stuff - miscommunication and unrequited but not really etc etc, if you're writing ship fic. Basically if it's got plot and people talk about their feelings at some point, I'm gonna love it. 

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Okay most importantly have fun with it, and I hope you have a good holiday season! 
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Hi! I'm so sorry I'm late with this. I had the entire letter done yesterday, ready for sign ups to go out, and then my computer blue screened and I LOST IT ALL, so I had to take the night off to breathe deeply and drink martinis. I'm here now though, thanks for having me, tip your waiters, etc. 

I'm pretty easy going about this stuff, I really just appreciate you writing something for me. If you focus on the characters I chose here, chances are I'll like it, because I picked ones that I'm always down to read about no matter what. So relax, have fun with it. Write something you wanna write, but I'll give you plenty of prompts to run with if it helps.

Some general stuff I like - worldbuilding, plotty stuff, new takes on tropes and cliches, time travel! AUs, both the kind where you mess with canon events to make things turn out differently, and the kind where they're all ballet dancers in NYC or whatever. Relationship studies, character studies. Polyamory! People being competent at stuff that I don't know how to do. Romantic comedies!

My only hard no is rape/dubious consent and/or the aftermath of such. I'm also not a huge fan of porn without plot, or sex scenes in general, unless they have a plot purpose. It's not that I'm opposed to them in principle, it just doesn't do anything for me so I end up skimming those parts in fic anyway.  

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Placeholder! :) will be done by the time assignments go out. ok so I'm maybe, uh, 12 hours late?? I'm so sorry!!! this is what happens when I sign up for things super last minute!!! I'm here now!!!

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Hi author! Thanks for writing for me. You're the best. :) Okay okay cool let's jump right in:

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Here there, author! You should know this right away: there are a lot of exclamation points in this post. Sorry.

Tag 2013 )

Most importantly, if you're still alive, is thank you!! I'm sure that whatever you come up with will be great, and I'm excited to see it. :DD


3 July 2013 07:20 am
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Dear Not Prime Time Player!

I'm going out of town today, so it's possible that I shall not be able to comment on your lovely gift for me right away. Never fear! It is not because I hate it! I guarantee that won't happen.

Thanks, I love you xoxo
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Heyy, everybody! You should do this with me. It'll be fun and the title is an SNL reference, so basically I shouldn't have to try very hard to convince you.

[community profile] not_primetime is a Yuletide-style exchange for medium-sized fandoms: so basically, anything too big for Yuletide but too small to be considered a "megafandom." Which means that you can write shit like Iron Man or Inception, since technically they're small enough, yay!

I've already nominated Life with Derek, Hawaii Five-0, The O.C., and Farscape, and some other nominated fandoms are Les Mis, Iron Man, James Bond, Mission Impossible, Star Trek AOS, Castle, Star Trek ENT, Psych, Chuck, Burn Notice, Leverage, Fringe, Big Time Rush, Suits, Vampire Diaries, Star Trek TNG, Warehouse 13, Dark Angel, etc. Sky's the limit, basically.

You can check out the nomination tag set here. You need an AO3 account to nominate/participate (the whole thing works exactly like Yuletide) but if you don't have one already you a) should and b) can talk to the mods who can get you an invite.

It's basically Yuletide-lite, is the impression I get. It seems a lot smaller and more laid back, so you should do it with me, because I'll give you a cookie or make out with you or something. Whatever you want. Who cares.
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All my bingo cards! In a list. I like lists.

[community profile] trope_bingo (amnesty ends June 30)
[community profile] kink_bingo (amnesty ends June 15)

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Day 2: In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you did not create. See if you can rec fanworks that are less likely to be praised: tiny fandoms, rare pairings, fanworks other than stories, lesser known kinks or tropes. Find fanworks that have few to no comments, or creators new to a particular fandom and maybe aren't well known or appreciated. Appreciate them.

For A Little Green Bag by [ profile] vintageroses
Supernatural/Freaks and Geeks fusion, 4189 words
Dean/Castiel, Sam, Gabriel, Garth, Chuck
Teen and up, warnings for underage
Freaks and Geeks AU, based on the episode "Chokin' and Tokin'". Dean smokes marijuana for the first time and needs Castiel's help to babysit Sam. Castiel is, of course, not-so-happy to clean up after Dean, especially back at the scene of the crime that may explain why Dean stopped inviting Castiel over and started hanging out with his cousin Gabriel and his burn-out friends.

It sounds bizarre, Supernatural and Freaks and Geeks, but think about it for a second and realize that it isn't. My favorite kind of high school AU, with believable teenagers and drug use and MAKE OUTS, yay

Answer in the Form of a Question by [ profile] blackstar777
Suits, 20569 words
Harvey/Mike, Mike/Rachel, Donna, Kyle
Everything seems to be back on an even keel after the drama at Pearson Hardman and the emotional tsunami that ripped through Mike’s life: Gram, Tess, Rachel.

So of course that’s when he and Harvey end up having phone sex.

I really go back and forth on Suits anymore, because for all the excellent things about it there are a bunch of things that make me cringe (not so much because it's bad, but because they're tropes that rub me the wrong way). But this is like, my wonderful, wonderful head canon. HARVEY. Jesus.

I Move in Circles Round You by [ profile] Silver_Queen
Instant Star, 7934 words
Teen and Up
"Maybe it's time to let go of the things we wanted when I was sixteen."

This was a ridiculous Degrassi-esque Canadian teen drama about a girl who won the Canadian equivalent of American Idol and had a super dramatic life including a dramatic on again/off again with her older ex-boybander producer Tommy and a dramatic career and a dramatic family life and it was all very dramatic.

The lead, Jude Quincy, was played by Alexz Johnson, whom I still adore and y'all should check out her music by the way it's really great

Anyway, the series ended with a temporary break up between Jude and Tommy while Jude moved to London to be an strong independent woman, and this is the fic that rounds it all out and brings them back together without demeaning what Jude was trying to do (or what Tommy was, either) and also along the way kind of makes you like both characters a hell of a lot more than the show did.

all you have to do is call my name (and i'll be there) by [ profile] dollsome
New Girl, 1106 words
Schmidt/Cece, Jess
Gen Audiences
In which Schmidt and Cece bond over Stars Hollow, and the itty bitty kimono strikes back.

New Girl fic with great voices and also is super cute! I don't usually crave fic for this show since the canon is so satisfying, but this hits all the right spots.
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Awright peeps, here's my Official Yuletide 2012 Rec List Of Infinite Doom And Foreboding, Vaguely Organized For Your Convenience. Warning: it may seem as if it is alphabetical, but it is only Vaguely. Just so you know.

Note: I only read things from canons/fandoms I'm familiar with, and skipped quite a few for time/length that I plan to return to later, so this is by no means a complete list of All The Things That Are Awesome This Yuletide, which is my way of saying that I WANT YOUR RECS, ALL OF THEM, GIMME

Second note: what the fuck, is it really Roald Dahl? Have I spent my entire life mistakenly thinking his name was Ronald? Where does "Roald" come from? Is it a typo of Ronald or is it a popular name in a different culture and I'm being insensitive? How do you pronounce that? His books scare me? This paragraph got derailed somewhere. I have been informed that it is Norwegian. So. There you go.

Third: I'm not counting any of this. You do it if you want to know.

Fandoms: A League of Their Own (1992), Alice (2009), Anastasia (1997), Blast from the Past (1999), American Actor RPF, Burn Notice, Bourne (all movies), Classical Greece and Rome History & Literature RPF, Clueless (1995), Common Law, Die Hard (Movies), Disney Princesses, Dogma (1999), Greek and Roman Mythology, His Dark Materials - Philip Pullman, Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronte, Life (TV), Matilda (Roald?? Dahl), Mean Girls (2004), New Girl, Phineas and Ferb, Princess Bride - William Goldman, Push (2009), Sabrina (1954), Sabrina the Teenage Witch (TV), Saturday Night Live RPF, The Middleman (TV), The Unusuals, Tin Man (2007), Warehouse 13, What's Your Number? (2011)

there is DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM contained within )
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So everyone, everyone check out the shiny Yuletide gifts I got! :D

This first one is for Tin Man (2007), the SyFy miniseries starring Zooey Deschanel, Alan Cumming and Neal McDonough.

Earning the Happily Ever After by Anonymous (6771 words)
Teen and Up Audiences
Wyatt Cain/DG, Azkadellia/Jeb Cain, Ahamo/Queen Lavender Eyes
Ahamo, Wyatt Cain, DG (Tin Man), Azkadellia, Jeb Cain, Lavender Eyes
Contains: Self Harm, Suicidal Thoughts, References to Suicide
Summary: Stories end happily ever after because they stop before the real work begins.

This one kind of blew my mind, because the author literally included almost everything I mentioned in my DYW letter. That's...kind of bad ass.

It's not fluffy, for sure, because it takes a really realistic look at canon, which is what I asked for. Kinda hits you where you live, especially in regards to Azkadellia. Just a really perceptive, interesting story. I loved it.

The next one is for Common Law. FUCK YES.

(We Both Reached for the) Gun! by Anonymous (1779 words)
Teen and Up Audiences
Travis Marks/Wes Mitchell
Summary: “You know why I never said ‘thank you’ before, right?”

It had always seemed so damn important to Wes that Travis thank him, but he’d never stopped to think of why.

Travis shook his head. “I knew it wouldn’t be enough.”

A post-ep for the series (D:) finale, "Gun!" Really fleshes out the last episode, as well as sprinkles in some liberal preslash. Another commenter called it a "post-mortem" which is really the perfect description. Really lovely and great. :)

As for me, I have two fics in the mix for my first Yuletide. If you want to try and guess go ahead - NO CHEATING, [personal profile] jerakeen AND [personal profile] jeweledvixen. I've got my ~eye on you.

One is over 6000 words long, and the fandom is kind of an easy guess. As in, you'll go "oh, no shit!" when you read it. I also think it's kind of typical of what I write, so that's a double-extra "no shit" there.

The other is over 1000, but under 5000. The fandom is also somewhat of an easy guess. I think it's a little less typical of what I usually write. It also contains het and femslash, but no m/m slash.

Both fandoms are somewhat larger than usual for Yuletide. I'll write you a snippet of something if you guess!

Happy Christmas to everyone who celebrates!
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Would anyone like to do a quick quick beta for a Yuletide treat? It's a pretty easy fandom. Not too complicated.

I'm about to upload it to squeak it in before the main collection closes, but I can edit right up until it opens, I'm pretty sure. I'd return the favor if anyone needed it for any extra treats you guys are working on!


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