26 December 2012

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So everyone, everyone check out the shiny Yuletide gifts I got! :D

This first one is for Tin Man (2007), the SyFy miniseries starring Zooey Deschanel, Alan Cumming and Neal McDonough.

Earning the Happily Ever After by Anonymous (6771 words)
Teen and Up Audiences
Wyatt Cain/DG, Azkadellia/Jeb Cain, Ahamo/Queen Lavender Eyes
Ahamo, Wyatt Cain, DG (Tin Man), Azkadellia, Jeb Cain, Lavender Eyes
Contains: Self Harm, Suicidal Thoughts, References to Suicide
Summary: Stories end happily ever after because they stop before the real work begins.

This one kind of blew my mind, because the author literally included almost everything I mentioned in my DYW letter. That's...kind of bad ass.

It's not fluffy, for sure, because it takes a really realistic look at canon, which is what I asked for. Kinda hits you where you live, especially in regards to Azkadellia. Just a really perceptive, interesting story. I loved it.

The next one is for Common Law. FUCK YES.

(We Both Reached for the) Gun! by Anonymous (1779 words)
Teen and Up Audiences
Travis Marks/Wes Mitchell
Summary: “You know why I never said ‘thank you’ before, right?”

It had always seemed so damn important to Wes that Travis thank him, but he’d never stopped to think of why.

Travis shook his head. “I knew it wouldn’t be enough.”

A post-ep for the series (D:) finale, "Gun!" Really fleshes out the last episode, as well as sprinkles in some liberal preslash. Another commenter called it a "post-mortem" which is really the perfect description. Really lovely and great. :)

As for me, I have two fics in the mix for my first Yuletide. If you want to try and guess go ahead - NO CHEATING, [personal profile] jerakeen AND [personal profile] jeweledvixen. I've got my ~eye on you.

One is over 6000 words long, and the fandom is kind of an easy guess. As in, you'll go "oh, no shit!" when you read it. I also think it's kind of typical of what I write, so that's a double-extra "no shit" there.

The other is over 1000, but under 5000. The fandom is also somewhat of an easy guess. I think it's a little less typical of what I usually write. It also contains het and femslash, but no m/m slash.

Both fandoms are somewhat larger than usual for Yuletide. I'll write you a snippet of something if you guess!

Happy Christmas to everyone who celebrates!

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