14 March 2013


14 March 2013 02:40 pm
moirariordan: (Default)
So I just wanted to let all you wonderful people know that I'm alive and in relatively good health - it's been a rough month though, which is why I haven't been around so much lately. I'm on Tumblr (same username, as always) but the vibe over there tends to breed this kind of weird resentful anger in my heart, or maybe that's just my life right now, whatever.

It's just, March, and there's still snow happening here and my family is making me miserable and my job is disheartening and depressing and I can't believe I'm almost 24 and STILL LIVING IN IOWA FUCK THIS PLACE SO HARD YOU GUYS, but basically everything's been sucking a lot and it's hard to get excited about anything, let alone fandom. Compared to how I feel and the shit I'm trying to maintain and accomplish right now, fandom stuff just seems silly and frivolous and annoying. It's been hard to find the fun parts of it. All I seem to keep running into are the bullshitty parts.

Which sucks, because this has been an outlet for me for years and years, and I would like to keep it. Plus there's the people I've met, you guys!!, who are worth all the trouble plus a million times more. I just have to get into a better headspace, and to do that I have to fix my fucking life. Which I'm working on, swear.

Hit me up anytime though, seriously, I'm here, keepin on keepin on. For anything!


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