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not ready for prime time!

Heyy, everybody! You should do this with me. It'll be fun and the title is an SNL reference, so basically I shouldn't have to try very hard to convince you.

[community profile] not_primetime is a Yuletide-style exchange for medium-sized fandoms: so basically, anything too big for Yuletide but too small to be considered a "megafandom." Which means that you can write shit like Iron Man or Inception, since technically they're small enough, yay!

I've already nominated Life with Derek, Hawaii Five-0, The O.C., and Farscape, and some other nominated fandoms are Les Mis, Iron Man, James Bond, Mission Impossible, Star Trek AOS, Castle, Star Trek ENT, Psych, Chuck, Burn Notice, Leverage, Fringe, Big Time Rush, Suits, Vampire Diaries, Star Trek TNG, Warehouse 13, Dark Angel, etc. Sky's the limit, basically.

You can check out the nomination tag set here. You need an AO3 account to nominate/participate (the whole thing works exactly like Yuletide) but if you don't have one already you a) should and b) can talk to the mods who can get you an invite.

It's basically Yuletide-lite, is the impression I get. It seems a lot smaller and more laid back, so you should do it with me, because I'll give you a cookie or make out with you or something. Whatever you want. Who cares.
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I added Firefly and Spooks, not sure if Torchwood's small enough or if the Jack/Ianto frenzy pushed it over the limit.

I really want to write more Firefly.
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Well, if it's just AO3 numbers...
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Whee! That's at least three fandoms that I CAN write, then. (Really want Firefly though, not going to lie.)