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Dear Not Prime Time Player

Not Ready For Prime Time 2013
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Dear Player!

You're awesome. Thank you! Go you. Seriously, slow clap. Don't stress. I'm gonna love it.

Those are the basics, pretty much - but I'm gonna ahead and ramble for a little bit because I feel like it. Feel free to ignore all of this, because optional details = optional.

I like: Rule 63! Loooove me some Rule 63 ("always a ___" genderfuck). Humor! Funny things! Character studies. Plot heavy stories. Romantic comedy type plots (pining! Misunderstandings! Gimme). Fluff and angst combined together! Crossovers! Lots of other stuff! Basically if it's not on that "don't like" list below I'm gonna be psyched.

I don't like: Rape/non-con. Please don't? Apocalypse/post-apocalypse scenario or plots (I know, I'm sorry, I don't). Dom/sub "universes" (where everyone is one or the other?), PWPs, "gay for only you," and over-the-top fluff. On the other side of that, over-the-top violence and gore.

Aaand, my requests, yay:

The O.C.
Summer Roberts
I only selected Summer because she's my girl, okay, she is my soul mate and imaginary best friend and if you write me a story ALL ABOUT HER then you will also become my soul mate, fist bump, you're so cool. Write me an Independent Woman story about her becoming a revolutionary environmentalist, or one set back in season one when she was still gloriously stuck up and bad ass, or like, a crossover where she's the Slayer and kills things or joins Starfleet or the Avengers, whatever. Don't care. If it's about Summer then I will love it.

Other things I like, in case that's not your bag: I love me some Summer/Ryan!! I know. Very out-there ship, but I'm die hard about it, it's weird, I'm weird, I'm sorry. If you could write me some of that I'd be ecstatic, but if that's not your thing then that's fine, you can just stay Summer-centric, that's totally cool too.

Love, love, love Julie Cooper, too, and Kaitlin Cooper, and Taylor Townsend, so if you want to throw those ladies in too, awesome (I especially love that odd kinship that all of them had by the end of the show, how they all kinda banded together the way the Cohens and Ryan did in the beginning of the show). Love Frank Atwood and his relationship with Julie. Love Ryan. Love Sandy and Kirsten. Trey :( :( Not so big on Seth though, for lots of reasons, FYI. But basically all the ladies I love, and Atwoods, I love too. Mix it up and blend it and you're golden. <33

Hawaii Five-O
Danny Williams, Grace Williams
I craaaaaaave grown up Grace fic. Give me all your grown up Grace fic. My favorite idea? What if Grace grows up and joins the military? CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE. THE YELLING. SO MUCH YELLING.

I'm a Steve/Danny shipper like 99% of the fandom, so if you want to include that, awesome! But more than shipping I just really want to read about Grace as a teenager - like, 17, 18, 19 years old, with her huge unconventional family, figuring out where to go and what she wants. Like I said above, love the idea of Grace joining the military, or Peace Corps, or something similar. Also love the idea of her emulating Kono and trying to go pro in surfing or some other kind of sport. Maybe she rebels! Maybe she runs away to live in a tent city because she's pissed at her parents! Maybe she rebels against Danny and becomes like, a mini-socialite or something! I don't know, go wild. Whatever you think Grace will be like, go for it. I just want to see her growing up. :')

Star Trek: Enterprise
Charles "Trip" Tucker, T'Pol
So, obviously I ship it. And obviously the series finale was bullshit. (Nobody talks about the series finale. We just don't mention it. It didn't exist.)

Ideas I love!!!: Trip getting his own ship, and T'Pol declining her own promotion to be his First, or the other way around, with T'Pol getting her own and Trip staying on as First, etc. How awesome?!?!
Trip moving to Vulcan. Yup.
T'Pol moving to Earth. Yup yup.
Intrigue about T'Pol's past!!! Who was her father??!!
E2 Univerrrrrrrrrrsssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee *dies*
Mirror Univerrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssseeeeeee *dies tragically*
T'Pol's family connections to Earth - obviously she grew up hearing stories of her grandmother's time on Earth, and obviously (TO ME) it affected how she interacted with the Enterprise crew all throughout the first season. MORE ON THAT, OMG.
Bond fic! We've got a canon bond, dude, this is a precious gift that should not be wasted. Maybe action fic where the bond comes into play? Yes. Yes yes yes.
Repercussions of a human/Vulcan marriage, post-Terra Prime. How does Elizabeth (DDDD':) play into it?
Alternate canon plots! How woulds have been different if...T'Pol hadn't married Koss, if she hadn't come down with Pa'nar, if Trip hadn't expressed interest in Amanda (what was her last name omg???), if the Xindi attack never happened, etc.

Basically anything about these two is amazing, go for it.

Any thing else you want to know? Hit me up on Tumblr - you can shoot me an anonymous ask or something?? Also feel free to browse through my journals (I'm moirariordan on both DW and LJ) to see what I like. But seriously, don't stress. You're wonderful for writing a story just for me and I'm gonna love it. <33

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