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Here there, author! You should know this right away: there are a lot of exclamation points in this post. Sorry.

:: Rape, non-consensual anything, including messed up power dynamics in which somebody is pressured into consenting (like teacher/student, that sort of thing), any of those related kinks, please no
:: I'm not really into straight up porn. Like porn is great, who doesn't like sexytimes, but I'm more interested in plot and character, generally, just FYI
:: Some tropes I don't really enjoy: apocalypse/end of the world (I know, I'm like the ONLY one), BDSM AUs, A/B/O, "gay for only you," coming out/angst about being queer storylines, over the top candy fluff where there are no problems, um. Yeah, I can't think of anything else.

:: Rule 63! I love it. Love it to death. Especially when you take a dude and turn him into a lady. And you turn that het ship into a queer ship. Awesome.
:: Love story tropes! Romantic comedy tropes! When they're done well I can't get enough of them.
:: Humor!
:: Crossovers!
:: Women! All the women!!
:: Lots of stuff!! Okay.

X-Men (Movies)
(Logan, Rogue)
Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Alternate Universe - Daemons, Alternate Universe - Fusion, Amnesia, Angst and Romance, Desert Island Fic, Detective Noir, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Families of Choice, Friends to Lovers

I ship Rogue/Wolverine, which you probably can tell from my characters and tags (maybe I was a little obvious), but honestly with the advent of XMFC fandom, I miss the fandom for the Bryan Singer movies a lot :( :( Anything that revolves around the characters introduced in the first three would be amazing.

Any ship you want! The first three movies have this kind of cheesy dark romantic feel to them (or at least that's the impression I got as a young teen watching them in theaters) which is why I picked a bunch of the romance tags. You wanna write me Logan/Rogue? YES I LOVE YOU GO FOR IT. Friends to lovers! Angst and Romance! Logan/Jean's your thing? TEAR MY HEART APART. Storm/Nightcrawler? DEAD MEN ARE HEAVIER THAN BROKEN HEARTS. (omg omg can you imagine Storm as a noir detective? HE WAS AS BLUE AS AN ORPHAN ON CHRISTMAS MORNING, WITH A TAIL THAT WENT ON FOR DAYS.) Or whatever other combination you want, with whatever tag you want. Go for it. Gen ensemble fic? FAMILIES OF CHOICE, YO. TAILOR MADE.

Star Trek: Enterprise
(Trip, T'Pol)
Action/Adventure, Aftermath, Alternate Universe - Role Reversal, Angst with a Happy Ending, Desert Island Fic, Epistolary, Fix-It, Pining, Soul Bond, Time Travel

So my ship for this one is probably fairly obvious as well. I don't mean for this to come off as a "give me sex or give me death" kind of letter, though, so let me just say right now that any of these ships? Not mandatory to me enjoying the hell out of what you write.

This is probably my fave Trek series, despite it being incredibly faily in a lot of ways, so I'm hungry for whatever I can find. I love the Trip/T'Pol thing to death (ROMEO AND JULIET IN SPACE, OKAY, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE). I love the episodes where they dig into Vulcan culture. I love Hoshi Sato's general existence. I love cultural misunderstandings!! Humans and Vulcans learning not to be racist assholes to each other!! Coming back from space to realize that you feel just as alien as everyone thinks you are now!! Fighting prejudice in your own culture and confronting it in yourself!!

A lot of the tags I picked are perfect for canon continuation (the finale, ugh, what a freaking mess), so that'd be awesome. Soul Bond is perfect for Trip/T'Pol, or just T'Pol in general. Desert Island Fic in space!! They (I mean anyone, not Trip and T'Pol specifically) get stranded somewhere and have to work together to survive and maybe make out!! Time travel!! How does that make sense that storyline was really weird!! Epistolary!! Letters to family members!! Love letters sent through secret subspace channels!! Letters in general!!

I'm failing at giving prompts for this one. Basically if you take any of those tags and combine it with the canon you're golden.

The OC
Aftermath, Alcohol, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Angst and Romance, Angst with a Happy Ending, Fake/Pretend Relationship, Families of Choice, Friends to Lovers, Romantic Comedy, Romance

I am so tragically desperate for fic for this show because I LOVE IT. I was so late getting into it and the fandom's so dead and auuuughhhh

So, the nominated characters were Ryan, Julie, Kaitlin and Summer, and I know that because I nominated them, and I nominated them because those four are my absolute favorites. I love the weird pseudo-family thing Ryan, Julie and Kaitlin had in the last season (omg omg I love Julie and Ryan trying to figure out how to be stepmom/stepson SO MUCH they are SO SIMILAR TO EACH OTHER I COULD CRY) and I just - love Summer in general. If you give me Summer-centric fic I will die. (Of good things.)

Other characters I love! Kaitlin! Theresa! (backstory!! omg) Taylor! Frank! Dawn!

I'm not super into any of the canon ships (other than Sandy/Kirsten, I guess, and Julie/Frank, which is AWESOME); like, for some reason my heart has latched onto basically any combination of people that didn't occur in the show. The SHIP OF MY HEART is Ryan/Summer (I know, so weird, I'm sorry) but if that's not your thing I love: any combination of Summer and anyone who isn't Seth (Seth/Summer is so - ew, no thank you, that "crush on a girl and chase her until she loves you" thing is so off-putting to me), Ryan and Theresa (childhood BEST FRIENDS/STAR CROSSED LOVERS) Ryan/That Model That Caleb Dated (my God that episode was so hot), Ryan/Alex (didn't Josh Schwartz say this was his headcanon endgame? Weird but ok) Ryan/any hot woman (my id might be involved in this a little), Taylor/Summer!! Taylor/Kaitlin!! Julie/teenagers!! Alex/Summer!! Any UC ship (unconventional haha is that still an abbreviation that people use) is going to make me very very happy.

I think what it is is: they're great characters who routinely get super over the top soap opera storylines. And yeah, it was a soap opera show, but the reason why it resonates with me is who they are, not the weird ridiculous shit that happens to them, if that makes sense. Which is why ships like Ryan/Marissa and Seth/Summer just make me roll my eyes for the most part. (Also that weird establishment-meta-kink thing, where "it's you and me and Ryan and Marissa, that's how it's supposed to be because we're the main characterswe were all dating at the same time for like a month or so when we were 15!!" ew. Also the fact that Seth is based on Josh Schwartz and he's held up to be the Nicest Guy Ever is kind of gross to me. Like, that's some really weird, sneaky arrogance right there.)

Also! I hope it goes without saying that if you want to write me gen fic, that would be super amazing too. Just pick one of these characters I love that you also love and go wild.

Pacific Rim
(Mako, Raleigh)
Alternate Universe - Daemons, Alternate Universe - Fusion, Alternate Universe - Role Reversal, Alternate Universe - Spies & Secret Agents, Harlequin, Magic, Romance, Soul Bond, Telepathy, Time Travel

Mako/Raleigh!!! Heart clutch!!! Ok, moving on.

I really enjoy this universe and I really enjoy reading more about it, and obviously I'm into Mako and Raleigh and if you are too, great, if not, gimme anything else, I'll dig it.

Mako/Raleigh things: I love soul bonds, I love that trope a lot, and it seems tailor made for this canon. I love love love the idea of "role reversal," as in Mako being the experienced but disgraced Jaeger pilot and Raleigh being the inexperienced wunderkind. Harlequin!! Give me a cheesy love story with giant robots in the background. DAEMONS!! How do they pilot Jaegers with daemons???!!! Awesome. Awesome awesome.

Any of the tags I picked would be good for any combination of characters, really. I'm not really into Newt/Hermann (the two white guys thing, eh) but I'd love any story about anybody else. I haven't read the tie-in novels or comics, so if you want to go there I'll just ask that you write it in a way that I'm not totally confused as to who everyone is/what's going on, if that makes sense.

But yeah, lots of places you could take this!! The time travel one is really interesting, what if that starts happening as a side effect of how they blew up the interdimensional portal that was chillin out beneath the ocean? And I've always liked time travel plots just on their own, too, so maybe just a plot devicey time travel thing and then everyone has to figure out how to keep the timeline from changing/getting messed up. Or mulitverse time travel??? Different dimensions??? Sci-fi staple!!

Spies and Secret Agents!! Who else thinks Pentecost knows all about that!!

Fusions! Do a fusion with another canon!! Luna Pentecost was a Slayer! Or, idk idk, there's not many other things I can think of right now that you could fuse into the Pacific Rim universe - maybe just take the characters and fuse them into something else? I'm down for that.

Anyway, yeah, like always, I'm game for anything, go wild.

Alternate Universe - College/University, Alternate Universe - Genre Twist, Alternate Universe - Vampire Slayer, Bodyswap, Road Trips, Rock Stars, Rule 63, Time Travel, Unreliable Narrator, Angst and Romance

I really like a lot of things about this show, for a Dan Schneider production it's actually really great. And I like everybody! And everybody's relationship with everybody!

Ship of my heart: Jade/Tori. They're obviously in angsty love, just, obviously so. Gimme all the angst. Pile it on. Jade and Beck get married and Tori's the maid of honor and they share a tragic goodbye minutes before the ceremony and Tori leaves the country to escape her pain and years later she comes back and sits in her car across the street from their house and stoically watches them playing with their children and her heart breaks once more - AHHH PUT THAT IN MY FACE

College/University - future fic! I kind of picked this one so you could go canon future fic if you want. Where does everybody go? Like obviously we know where Cat is, but everyone else? Rock stars fits into this too - give me fic where everybody is unrealistically successful and they have dinner parties at Andre's palatial estate and talk about how amazing their lives are. (This goes for Road Trips, too, that's a great way to do canon fic if you'd like.)

Genre Twist - With a sitcom like this, I always find it really interesting when authors are able to change the tone and mood successfully without losing the character voices - go for it if you want!! Maybe a horror movie? (It's such a horror movie cast of characters, omg). A romantic comedy? A teen drama? Go for it.

Vampire Slayer! Speaks for itself, seriously, pick any of the girls and I'll be SO INTO IT

Rule 63/bodyswap! Anybody. Experiment with whoever!! Any of these could apply to any combination of characters. Cat! I love Cat, and I'm totally into Cat/Sam, if you want to go there (different fandom, technically, I guess? But I don't care really, it still counts). Jade and Beck, the old married couple. Trina, who never gets a break. I dig Andre/Tori, too. And...Matt?? Uh, I guess I dig Matt, the Seth Cohen lite, lol. Whatever you want, seriously, so crazy.

New Girl
(Nick, Jess)
Alternate Universe - College/University, Alternate Universe - Role Reversal, Bodyswap, Detective Noir, Drunk Sex, Epistolary, In Vino Veritas, Rock Stars, Time Travel, Unreliable Narrator

This show is my new love, I don't even know what to say about it. I like it a lot. I like it a lot a lot a l o t.

Nick/Jess is my love, obviously, if you apply any of these tags to them I will be a happy clam. I also really liked Daisy!! And I'm bummed they wrote her off :( So if you want to write me Winston/Daisy that would be COOL

Role Reversal - Every one of them have such distinct personalities, I think it'd be fun to see what you could do if you swapped everybody into the different respective situations. So say, Cece was the one to break up with her live-in boyfriend and be forced to move into the loft (because she couldn't stand living with Jess and all her teacher friends) and she and Schmidt are the will-they-won't-they main couple? (Although if you do write Schmidt/Cece could you maybe make Schmidt a little less racist, because ew.) Maybe Nick's the successful businessman who hates everyone he works with and Schmidt is the aimless ex-athlete who just really really wants to cuddle with someone. Idk, go wild, swap em up.

Time travel! High school Jess and Cece? In present day bodies? Like a 13 Going on 30 thing? YES YES YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES

Epistolary! This could be fun!! Notes between the roomfriends, or maybe emails Jess sends to her parents about everybody, whatever. Love letters? Love emails?

Drunk sex/in vino veritas - obviously. Obviously.


Idk, idk, there really isn't much about this show I don't like, aside from the weird grossness that Schmidt/Cece can be (that "crush on a girl until she loves you" thing again - I don't mind the pairing, really, because they are interesting together?? But I just feel like on the whole the show would be 100% perfect if Schmidt were a woman and everything about his personality was exactly the same), so anything you want to do and explore would be super great. !!!

Most importantly, if you're still alive, is thank you!! I'm sure that whatever you come up with will be great, and I'm excited to see it. :DD

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