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Shipswap 2014

Hey writer!! Thanks for writing something for me, I'm really glad you're here and riding this ride with me. You're great.

I'm pretty easy going and easily excitable so don't worry about this too much, just have fun with it. My only hard DNWs are noncon/dubcon and associated tropes (like slavery and BDSM AUs and the like) and like, in general, I tend to really dig stories that are just silly and fun and tropey? Like any of those fun fic tropes, marriage of convenience, AUs (love AUs!! go crazy on the AUs if you want) other-fandom-fusions, vitriolic best buds, unrequited love that is actually requited, misunderstandings - all of that stuff. I love it. Anything that kind of just embraces the fun parts of writing fic and goes wild with it - that's what I live for.

That being said, I am a thousand times more likely to enjoy something that you enjoyed writing, so if you have an idea or a plot bunny or whatever that isn't found in this letter, just go for it and I'll follow you down the rabbit hole, friend. No worries.

Okay, so fandoms!! I'm probably gonna ramble a lot, sorry about that.

The OC
Ryan/Summer, Ryan/Gabrielle, Summer/Kaitlin

Ryan/Summer: okay so I asked for Ryan/Summer in the Tag Exchange and GOT A REALLY CUTE FIC (you should read it, it's great) but me being absolutely ridiculous about this crazy UC ship, I'm probably never going to stop asking for it, every opportunity I get. Like, it is truly ludicrous how much I love this pairing. Absolutely bonkers. They only talk like three times per season. She married his brother. I know.

I just see how similar they are, and I love pairing stoic "hero" type guys with mouthy "mean girl" characters, and idk. Idk, I love The OC and I've shipped it for years, I make up a lot of stories about them in my head. It's so silly.

So, really anything, I'll be happy. I've had this idea for years about them - post-season one, they start a friends-with-benefits situation on the DL and start hooking up throughout canon whenever both of them are single, and eventually fall in love and make beautiful babies. Or!! How about a fandom fusion, where Ryan is Hawkeye and Summer is Kate Bishop?? Or Ryan's John Sheppard and Summer is a younger, prettier Rodney McKay?? Or or or idk, Ryan is James Bond and Summer is the American spy that keeps fucking up his operations. I love all of it, superheroes, spies, who cares, give it to me, anything. New Girl AU? Summer breaks up with her hipster boyfriend and has to move in with Ryan and his dude friends?? Yup yup yup. Literally anything about this couple, I will love it.

Ryan/Gabrielle: That being said, I also really crave fic about Ryan and Gabrielle, too, who if you're not familiar with that character, she's was a one-off guest star in season one, an episode called "The Girlfriend." She played the girlfriend, of course. Caleb's girlfriend, to be specific, and she had a thing with Ryan that got interrupted by Marissa walking in on them and getting upset even though she was there at the party with her boyfriend, and...idk, I wasn't quite following the Marissa/Ryan plot in that episode, but god, Ryan hooking up with the scorching hot older model was the stuff of my FANTASIES

More than these two having great chemistry and being super hot, I really fucking enjoyed their conversations, because there was an element of honesty between them that was very rare, for Ryan. A lot of the time his romantic plotlines were so laden with drama and back-and-forths and fistfights that you never got to see him actually speak to any of these women - even Marissa, which was just ridiculous. Give me a scene of Marissa and Ryan, like, talking about homework and politics and his brother's latest phone call any day over crying on the beach and declaring eternal love - but anyway.

I think she appealed to him on a level that most of his friends/acquaintances in Newport couldn't, because she was on the same level of maturity as him (a rarity for Ryan, I think), because she could relate to him as someone who had the same kind of jaded practicality that comes from intense hardship. And I was just really, very intrigued by that episode and super bummed that Gabrielle never came back, because there was a lot of potential there.

So!! Give me Ryan and Gabrielle reconnecting again, post-canon or something?? Or Gabrielle coming back like, mid-season three or something, and Ryan trying to resist being with her but they just. Click so well that he can't help it - and all the issues that would spring up for him because of it. Or!! A role reversal maybe?? Ryan being the hot arm candy and meeting the Cohens and their foster daughter from Chino...idk, I'm trying to give you prompts here, but I don't have anything beyond "please they're so hot" and "that scene in the poolhouse where she's wearing the vest and she climbs into his lap" and "HOT TUB" omg

Summer/Kaitlin: I really don't have nearly as much rambling for this couple, because I have no logical reasons whatsoever to like these two together. I just don't. Honestly, they're both just super fucking hot. That is literally my biggest reason for this request. I'm so sorry.

I've had a crush on Willa Holland and Rachel Bilson for forever, and if you put these two together it's aneurysm-worthy for me. Like I (kinda) mentioned above, I love "mean girl" characters, and I love the pseudo-family dynamic that the Coopers + Ryan + Summer + Taylor had in season four, so seriously I'm down for anything. Post-canon? During canon? Fork in the road AU where Summer and Seth never dated, and so instead Summer's "oh my God...I like them" moment was with Kaitlin, a couple years later when she comes home from boarding school?? Role reversal (I dig role reversals) where Summer and Marissa are sisters and Kaitlin is Marissa's best friend, who dates Seth etc etc and Summer has a crush on her big sister's best friend and idk I like the idea of Summer having a crush, can you tell?? Did you see that episode of HIMYM that Rachel Bilson was on where she kissed the mother??? Yeah that was hot, right???

God, I'm the worst, let's just move on

Chris Halliwell/Bianca

This was a formative, childhood tv obsession for me!!! I think my very first piece of haphazardly written fandom meta was written about season six of this show, which is obviously the best because it has Chris. Teenage me was very, very taken with Chris and Bianca, oh my God.

Okay, so this is such an intriguing episode and I'm a) super fuckin' bummed they killed her off and b) super fuckin' bummed she never showed up again because again, SO MUCH WASTED POTENTIAL. ARGH.

The cool thing about it, though, is that they kind of insinuate this epic, sweeping, lifelong love story just by showing little bits and pieces and kind of hinting at the rest of it, so there's just - so many places you can take this. Back story on Bianca? Growing up, raised as an assassin, then running into a Black Widow/Hawkeye situation where she just can't bear to pull the trigger?? Falling in love and rebelling against everything you've ever known because you believe in what he's doing?? In what's right?? Ohh my fucking God. Give it to me, my heart is beating so fast right now just thinking about it

Or! Or! Or! I refuse to believe that in the changed future, Chris doesn't end up with her there too, because if there is ANY LOVE THAT IS FATED it is CHRIS AND MOTHERFUCKING BIANCA, so maybe - future fic?? Chris is all grown up and starts having these weird dreams, about his aunts as young women, about a manor that is dark, and cold, and full of strangers, about Bianca lying next to him on a blanket on a concrete floor, blood beneath her fingernails and tired lines beneath her eyes. Chris waking up in the middle of the night, his heart racing because he remembers what it felt like to die!!! Remembers holding Bianca as she bled, all over his hands, his arms, watching her face as it contorted in pain!!! Bianca sitting up next to him and holding his face and whispering, "calm down, calm down, it's not real," and Chris not being able to believe her, because he knows that it is, it is real

I almost just made myself fucking cry, this is ridiculous, you see my problem

Basically I just love them a lot, okay, and I will be happy with literally anything. Ugh.

Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23
Chloe/June, Chloe/James

I don't think I'm going to write separate sections for both of these ships, not just because I want them both equally, but because this show doesn't really work without all three of these characters included. Is this my way of asking for a threesome, you're thinking??? YES ABSOLUTELY IT IS

Chloe and June are such foils to each other, and James being kind of the neutral spot in the middle, the dynamic just works so well. And this show in general is so sneak-up-on-you-good, that I kind of watched the entire thing before realizing how badly I wanted this OT3 pairing. Bad, bad, bad.

That being said, if you want to go either/or, I'm great with that too!! I really dig Chloe/June, I really absolutely love the slow burn of watching June discover her own feelings, and of Chloe learning how to live in the real world, and their kind of antagonistic, exasperated, weirded out regard for each other hits my sweet spot something fierce. James and Chloe, too, are super cute!!! He brings her smoothies!!! Her mom Skypes with him!!! Like. He's such a douche but I really like their scenes together for some reason. There's something real sweet about James when he forgets to be an asshole (I suspect this is the real James Van Der Beek showing through Character James Van Der Beek, lol) and Chloe, when she is surprised out of her own neurotic headspace, is so surprisingly cool.

Anyway, I marathoned this whole show with my friend and I'm just really digging the world it built, even if it got cancelled criminally too soon (but the big bang theory is still going strong I see, UGGGGGGGH) so just play around, have fun!! Any combination of these three people, I'm down for.

Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)

What a weird-ass movie. Everything about it was kind of incongruous, and like. Super violent. Weird??? But in kind of a good way??? Except for the director's cut, we don't even need to acknowledge that.

But of course the worst part is they didn't make out at the end. I don't even know what I can say that a million other people haven't already said about this issue. Capital crime?? Yes. Of course. Please make them fuck.

I've been trying to come up with prompts to put here, but literally all of the ones I've thought of were influenced/straight up stolen from like, Yuletide letters I've read, I feel so unoriginal, ugh. But yeah, I just liked the movie a lot, I like their dynamic, and I'd like to read more about them, in addition to the super quality stuff that's out there already!!! If you've signed up to write these two, you probably have some ideas about them already, so go for whatever, if you have something you already have in mind/want to write.

I'm gonna try and be a little specific here, in case you're like me and hate vague "whatever!! I like everything!!" prompts. Um, okay: monster fic, if you like writing action/plotty. Hansel and Gretel encounter something even worse than witches - the legendary monster of your choice!! Werewolves?? Vampires?? Both?? Oh God, picture Hansel and Gretel meets Van Helsing. How great would that be, I'm just thinking about the costuming in a movie like that. Am I drooling? Maybe a little.

MODERN AU!!! Hansel and Gretel as young foster kids, who get adopted by a witch who plans to eat them. Hansel and Gretel fighting their way out, emerging on the other side battered and almost dead, but fuck you, they're still alive. Hansel and Gretel in the system, after that, getting split up, sent to therapy, different homes, and running away every time, Gretel sneaking out of the orphanage and hitchhiking twenty miles to her brother's hospital bed, Gretel in JUVIE, Hansel getting in fistfights with other sick kids at the hospital, God, just counting down the days until they age out and finally be rid of all this inconvenience

And think about witches in modern day, oh my God. Witches who hide in plain sight, as doctors and pediatricians, teachers, daycare attendants, anything that gets them close to kids. Witches with hex bags and portable potion kits!! Computer spells!!! Hansel and Gretel fighting witches in alleyways and empty parking lots. On the run from the cops, because as far as they're concerned, these kids are serial killers, brutally murdering women in every city they terrorize. A world that thinks they're the monsters, even though they're actually the last line of defense against the real ones, and they do it because it has to be done, because they don't mind being chased because they've been running their whole lives and it's hardly a challenge, and anyway if they don't kill these things then who the fuck will?? The cops?? Nah, man, there aren't too many people out there who've seen the true face of evil, but Gretel and Hansel are two of them, and they don't give a shit what people think, they're gonna take as many of those bitches down as they can before they die.

Hansel and Gretel!!!! Alone always, but always together!!!! Ugh!!!!

Welp, yeah, there you go, I hope that helps. You can always check out my AO3, if that might be informative, and I'm on Tumblr too, if you want to hit me up there, anon ask is on. Stay cool and have fun!!!

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