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NPT 2014

Ahh, okay, first of all I've got to apologize for the brevity of this letter, I'm actually moving out of the country this week (in...5 days, actually!!), so obviously I don't have a ton of time. Apologies in advance if this seems rushed, but I did want to have a letter up for you before I left. (I might come back and add more thoughts for you later, so watch this space!!)

So basics. As I always say in these: I'm very easy going, and first and foremost I want you to have fun, so write what you enjoy. The only hard DNW I'd ask you to stay away from is rape/non-con, but other than that, go wild. Generally I enjoy tropey stuff (either subverted or just played straight, I dig it), romantic comedy cliches, that sort of thing. Not to say I don't like other stuff, but those are just my hardcore loves, if that helps give you some direction.

Okay cool, requests:

Arrow (Oliver, Felicity)
So, if you are aware of me at all as a fandom presence, I'm sure you know how hard I've fallen for Arrow and this pairing, and like. All I can tell you is: my tumblr is like 90% word vomit from me, on any given day, about the things I love and don't love in terms of this one. Any plot idea I've come up with and posted on there is free reign, if you see something you like, go for it. Anything you can come with: also great. I also like gen explorations of these characters too, so if you want to write, like, gen backstory or something?? Dig that too.

I really dig Sara too, so don't be shy about including her--or any other character on the list, really (was Sara on there? I actually don't know). God, I'm sorry this sucks, I'll definitely come back later and add some plot prompts for you, ugh

Victorious (Tori, Jade)
I'm a big Tori/Jade shipper and I would die if you wrote me that pairing for me, oh my God. That being said, a friendship piece on these two would be great too, as it's their general dynamic that I'm into, with the whole "mean girl learns how to have feelings/nice girl gets a spine" thing. Like, it's a Dan Schneider show, so we didn't actually see this, but the whole slow process of them both growing as individuals because of their friendship, being confronted with their own weaknesses in each other?? Into it.

I asked for this pairing for another exchange, too and that letter is much better and contains more specific prompts, if that helps you!!!

The OC (any)
am I going to ask for this fandom in every single exchange I can? Yes. Yes I am.

Basically, I love every single nominated character and I would be ecstatic for fic about any of them, in any combination. Ryan/Summer is my UC ship that I'm weirdly passionate about (and I got a great fic about them by amathela for tag exchange), so if you write me that, I'll probably write sonnets about you or something, but--that's not a requirement, I picked "any" because I really do love all of them, so really just pick your fave and go for it. I wouldn't even be opposed to fic with a different pairing, or canon pairings (I would ask that you'd stay away from specifically shippy seth/summer though, that's kind of my NOTP).

my shipswap letter has more about my feelings for this canon/pairings, if that interests you. also relevant: the tag exchange letter I linked above and my NPT letter from last year. :)

Charmed (Chris, Bianca)
What an amazing storyline with so much unfulfilled potential, omg. I don't know what to say other than I want so much fic about these two and their story, and it's a desperate need that's gone unfulfilled for literally years, like--since I got into fandom, that's how much I loved this couple.

I've requested these two before as well, so you can find sections on them in the above, linked letters--but basically I'm so easy when it comes to this, there's really not a lot of fic out there about them so anything would make me happy.

Yeeeah, okay, so I apologize again for rushing this, I should've done this letter way before now, or at least before I got into the official countdown of my move. Hit me on tumblr if you want (I'm jaegermighty over there), I've got anon ask on, if you don't mind doing that. And lastly, thank you so much and I hope you have fun, can't wait to read!!! :)