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Yuletide 2014

Hi author! Thanks for writing for me. You're the best. :) Okay okay cool let's jump right in:

I like: tropes, especially subverted ones. Romantic comedies. Humor in general! Happy endings, ambiguous endings. Friendship that turns to romance. Time travel! Alternate universe! Bodyswapping!!! And other sci-fi beloveds like that (so what I'm saying is, if you wanna do like a Fringe episode for one of these fandoms, that'd be sweet). Basically the type of fic that I really really like and enjoy are stories about people who really dig each other having wild adventures together, pretty much.

I do not like: non-con/dub-con. Hard kink, pwp. ABO/werewolf tropes. Uh, I think that's it - basically I don't really read fic for porn (although I don't mind it when it shows up, so if you want to include a sex scene, don't worry). So basically all those tropes that are pretty much there to set up a bunch of sexy sex are the ones that leave me sorta cold, if that makes sense. If you're unsure about something though, please ask, I'd be happy to clarify/talk more.

Fingerprints Series - Melinda Metz

(Any: Yana Savari, Sam, Anthony Fascinelli and Rae Voigt)

I loved this book series growing up, and this is my second year requesting it, so hopefully it will lead to some fic eventually!!! What I'm really looking for with this request is just something in the universe, and since we've got the four main players nominated, it sets it up pretty nicely for a continuation of canon. Sam and Yana, Anthony and Rae: dream team!! How do they move forward? Do they find more G-2s? How the hell is Yana, tell me about her recovery and how she and Rae salvage their friendship? Shippy Anthony/Rae stuff?? I'm down for whatever.

If you want to do backstory/prequel stuff: I'm there for that, too. Don't constrain yourself to the nominated characters either, at least not on my account. I'd be happy with literally anything set in this universe.

Also if you need it: here's the first book. That's the only one I have at the moment, but if you want the rest I might be able to track them down for you. :)

The 100 (TV)
(Bellamy Blake, Clarke Griffin, Miller)

My current fandom! Pretty much. I've written a few things for this, you can check them out here if you want/it helps you.

Obviously I like Bellamy/Clarke, but what I'm really after with this request are the dynamics between them and Miller, whom we know almost nothing about (at this point, anyway). As I write this, the season two premiere is about a week away, so this might change (please please please don't kill Miller oh my God) but as it is, Miller's been shown as this really steadfast, loyal ally to both Bellamy and Clarke, and I just, man, I just wanna know everything about them and how they work together and fit together and who is Miller, anyway? What's he all about? I wanna know everything.

I'm down for a threesome situation, absolutely (post-apocalyptic codependent threesomes: yes. always a yes with me.) but if that's not your bag, I'd be happy with something purely about their friendship/partnership. One of the coolest thing about this show is watching Bellamy and Clarke evolve together as leaders, learn from each other and adopt each other's philosophies, so a fic about that and how Miller fits into it, and changes it, would be totally boss.

STOP!!! spoilers for s2 ahead. Okay.
Some premiere-inspired prompts: - Clarke drawing Bellamy with her shiny new blood money art supplies (of course, of course) and Miller finds them
- Miller's the one who was caught outside the dropship with Bellamy instead of Finn (or Clarke is!! And Miller's the one who becomes de facto leader in the Mountain?)
- Bellamy is surrendered to the Mountain due to negotiations by Kane and President Creepazoid
- .......fertility experiments. (I had to go there, okay)
- I'm gonna stop now, you get the picture, I'm sure

10th Kingdom
(Any: Christine White/The Queen, Virginia Lewis, Wolf, The Huntsman)

This is another nostalgia fandom for me; I must've watched this miniseries a hundred times in a row when I was in high school. The original in the "retell this fairy tale and make it a dystopia" trend :')

Virginia and Wolf are where it's at, clearly, so if you want to do something shippy I'm all for it. A continuation of canon would be boss as well. Backstory on Wolf or the Huntsman, or the Queen and Virginia (soooo much untold story there). A twist on canon, maybe - what if the Queen had taken Virginia with her when she fled New York? Or the Swamp Witch had taken Virginia instead of her mother? Or - okay, I'm out of ideas, but you get the picture. This universe is hella interesting, so go wild - and don't be afraid to include other characters as well. :)

Common Law
Travis Marks, Wes Mitchell

I loooooove this show and I loooooove this pairing and I am devastated that it never got a second season. You don't have to go shippy if that's not your thing, because I'm honestly just really into their dynamic, so they don't need to confess undying love or anything to make me happy. Just anything about these two and how they work would be great.

I've written some stuff for this fandom, you can check it out here, if that helps. What I'm really interested in is something that examines how they seem to exist in this weird space of "we talk about everything - EXCEPT THAT, WE DON'T TALK ABOUT THAT." Like they know all these intimate details about each other's lives, but the really important things they don't seem to even bring up at all unless they're forced to? Which is clearly why they're in therapy, but man it's just so interesting to me, how people will bend and twist themselves like that - like, they obviously love each other (whether it's romantic or not is up to interpretation, but love is love and it's definitely there) but they don't seem to want to. And how much of that is affected to lingering resentment of how everything went down with Paekman's case and how much is just plain incompatibility is kind of nebulous, so I guess that's the aspect of their relationship that intrigues me the most.

Relationship issues!! That's my bread and butter, pretty much. That being said, if you want to do something fun and lighthearted and trope-y, go for it, because that will make me just as happy, tbh. AUs or "what if" scenarios or just a funny thing about That Time They Got Arrested For Food Fighting - whatever, go for it, I'm along for the ride.

Life (TV)
Dani Reese

I love Dani Reese so fucking much, so fucking much. I chose her alone because she's literally the only requirement you need to make me happy with a Life fic.

More than anything I'd like post-canon stuff, but I wouldn't say no to a prequel or something set during the show, either. The only ship I can think of that I wouldn't enjoy is Dani and Karen Davis, because wow, that creeps me out, but as far as the other popular ones - Dani/Charlie and Dani/Tidwell, are the ones that I see most often - I'm game for whatever you prefer. Honestly this character is just super important to me so anything you want to write about is going to be a hit with me, as long as she's the main focus. I love her arc, I love her relationships with pretty much everybody on the show, so honestly, I'm super easy.

- Dani and Charlie's fall out from the finale (obvious, but yeah, I want it)
- Charlie finally telling Dani everything, including the shit about her father, oh my God
- Casefic!
- Dani and Jane meeting!! Dani meeting Rachael!!
- I'm sorry these are so unhelpful, I'm vague but passionate :(((

My tumblr is here (jaegermighty, and my AO3 is under both moirariordan and jaegermighty, too), which is where I do fandom these days (who doesn't). If you have any questions or want clarification on something, don't hesitate to shoot me a message through the mods. I have anon ask enabled on tumblr too, if you prefer to do it that way, it's just up to you. (I think I have anon comments enabled here, too??) Thank you for making it this far and I hope you have a good Yuletide, and remember - I only want you to write for me if you're going to enjoy it. Don't stress out about making me happy, I'm pretty laid back. :))))
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I miss this series, loved it so much too. I hope there is fic written for this series after all.
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Ah, no, it was not me. I had actually forgotten about this series until I saw it in the signups this year. It was so, so influential for fifteen-year-old me when it comes to my favourite sci-fi tropes though.

...Did you nominate it as well last year? I know I saw someone talking about it in the pimping posts in 2013, and I'm sure I replied to them there.
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Dani Reese! ♥

I'm keeping my fingers crossed you get something out of this prompt, because I was never as bitten about a TV cancellation as I was with Life, so I love the fact that there's a whole group of others who doggedly keep nomming this fandom for yuletides.