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Ship Swap 2015


Hi there, author!! I love shipswap, this is probably my favorite exchange, and I'm psyched to get into it. Standard disclaimer: I want you to have fun and not stress out about making me happy. I'll give you some prompts and stuff, but don't feel tied down to doing one of them. Write what you want and I will absolutely enjoy it!!

My main DNW is non-con and dub-con. Generally I really like things that are sort of silly and trope-y and fun; I definitely like happy endings, and humor, and intimacy, and fics that kind of dig into relationship issues (established relationship is great for that!!! don't get me wrong, I love get together, but established is more rare and just as great). AUs are great, I'm a big fan of AUs. I love fandom fusions, too. The classic pining-with-misunderstandings. All of that; bring it on.

I'll get into the fandoms now, but if you have specific questions, feel free to hit me up with an anonymous comment or ask or something. :)

The OC
Ryan Atwood/Summer Roberts

I ask for this pairing all the time, y'all are probably sick of it. There can never be enough, though. Never ever ever.

You can probably browse my other letters (just go to my main journal, exchange letters are about all I use DW/LJ for anymore) for more context/prompts/background, but I just...don't know why I'm so ride or die for this weird pairing? I don't. It simply is. I love them. I don't know why. Maybe it's genetic or something.

I'd really be happy with anything (this is true for most of these ships) but that's not too helpful, so something pre-series would be really great?? Like a chance encounter between them before Ryan's arrested/comes to Newport (remember how Summer was a candy striper at the hospital in season one? I've always thought it'd be cool if that's how they met, like she filled in somebody's shift at a hospital closer to Chino or something). Post-series is good too; Marissa's death would have (and should have, tbh) brought them closer together, so being low-key close friends maybe, helping each other navigate through life. Adultery doesn't bother me either, so if you wanna write a super angsty thing where they cheat on Seth or something, I'd be down for that, but you don't have to go there if it does bother you, I'm fine with handwaving Seth away if that's your preference.

And if you like AUs, check this out: Summer as Kate Bishop, Ryan as Clint Barton. I know, right???????

I hope that helps!!

The Flash
Cisco Ramon/Caitlin Snow

Okay, the more the show goes on the more I love them. it's a SITUATION, tbh. This is set up for pining, gimme angst!! Gimme bad timing, gimmie Cisco trying to pull Caitlin back from the edge somehow because lbr, he's the only one on Team Flash that doesn't have some kind of huge /thing/ hovering over his head, clouding his judgment. Cisco being in love with Caitlin, thinking she could never love him back?? Arguing about each other's methods!! They've been so in sync so far that it'd be really interesting to see what would break the camel's back, so to speak, and cause them to disagree about something - a question of morality, or ethics or something, maybe.

I really really dig pairings that are between best friends, and these two are just so solid and kind and supportive of each other?? It's like a quieter pairing than Iris/Barry but still just as important, imo. He's so supportive of her, and she's supportive of him too, in a different way?? Plus they're so in sync and seem to really enjoy just being around each other and ugh, I just love them a lot!!! Anything. I'm down for anything.

Annie (2014)
Will Stacks/Grace Farrell

So, I love this movie. I have literally been on the edge of my seat waiting for this movie to come out since it was announced, I've been kind of ridiculous about it, and I loved it. It lived up to every expectation I had, and everything about it makes me happy.

I just want fic!!!! I want fic about the Stacks-Farrell-Bennett family so bad it hurts. How do Will and Grace navigate parenthood when they haven't even really been out on a proper date yet? There's some kind of weird, nebulous space there, I would think, since Will is Annie's parent, technically, but Grace is definitely an authority figure as well, but everything's sort of weird because they're close friends and now they're dating but they also haven't officially defined anything yet - I can see Grace feeling unsure about how she fits in, or Annie having trouble with two different parent figures who are telling her conflicting things and which one should she listen to? She's got a rebellious streak for sure, so she'd definitely play them against each other, but you also don't get over the stuff she's been through overnight, so I can see her being wary to trust it, and trying to figure out her best move so she doesn't jeopardize her new situation -- AH. I want family fic, tbh. Navigating a new relationship while trying to figure out how to be parents!!! That's so interesting and intriguing to me!!

Also, they're literally named Will and Grace. Did they do that on purpose?? You gotta take advantage of that, come on. There's just so many jokes.

You can take a look at my tag for my rambles about this movie if you want, hopefully this gives you a good starting point!!

Batman (Comics)
Stephanie Brown/Jason Todd

I can absolutely blame my friends for this one; I know they haven't even met!!! I know. But they'd get along like a house on fire. Probably literally.

They just have so much in common! Their personalities are remarkably similar, and I think they would definitely find a kindred spirit in each other, even if they would absolutely disagree on a lot of things too. And depending on when you want to set the story, their dynamic has the potential to be lots of different things - Steph before she joins the Batfam, for instance, would react differently to Red Hood versus how Robin!Steph would react, I think. There's just so many possibilities, tbh!!!

I'm not really familiar with the New 52, but I wouldn't say no if that's what you want to do--all I know is that Jason has amnesia?? Or something? Steph is Spoiler?? Batman has his own company?? I mean all that sounds interesting so if you want to set a story there, I'm down, I don't mind spoilers.

They're both just huge breaths of fresh air, tbh, particularly Steph - and I'd love to see them interact. Taking mid-fight selfies and posting them on Instagram with sarcastic hashtags and hacking into the villain's HQ to play pop music over the loudspeakers and naming each other's favorite weapons and just generally being huge shitheads. I'm into it.

Stargate Atlantis
Ronon Dex/Teyla Emmagen/John Sheppard

This is one of my all time fave ot3s; I think I've read every fic there is out there for them. The older I get the more attracted I am to relationships that have the kind of unwavering support that these three have, that kind of unspoken ride or die "well if you're going then of course I'm going too" friendship. Not to mention found families - always a hit - this just fits all my hot spots tbh.

All three of them are fascinating characters own their own, and I'd love to see some of that brought out - remember that interview with Jason Momoa where he said they'd planned to incorporate a Satedan ritual for cutting off his hair, when he decided to get rid of his dreads? Maybe you could talk about that (or about Ronon's attempt to keep his culture alive, that pressure of being one of the very few Satedans left), or Teyla's struggle to balance her position as leader of the Athosians with her role in Atlantis/her relationship with her team. Sheppard's complete apathy regarding leaving Earth, because he'd never felt at home there? Like, any of those would be great starting points for a fic.

But honestly you could write about them having a picnic and I'd still be happy. I love the three of them and their dynamic and anything you want to write about: I'm into it.