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NPT 2015

Placeholder! :) will be done by the time assignments go out. ok so I'm maybe, uh, 12 hours late?? I'm so sorry!!! this is what happens when I sign up for things super last minute!!! I'm here now!!!

First of all: hi!! I'm so glad you're writing for me, thank you in advance. I'll tell you what I tell everyone in every letter like this I've ever written - I think that these exchanges should be fun, not stressful, so don't worry too much about hitting a checklist of Things I Love, or anything. Hopefully my prompts and stuff here will give you a starting point/general direction, but honestly - write something you'll enjoy writing. I'd much rather read a story that you really loved putting together than something you forced in an effort to make me happy. :)

So first some general stuff:

Likes: humor, happy stories, happy endings. goofy tropes - anything with like, "woke up married" or "unrequited but not really" or other similar silly/fun shippy fic staples like that, I'm sure to love. AUs and stuff!!! I like AU crossover fusions the best, tbh, especially with sci-fi fandoms like Stargate and Star Wars and stuff. I also really like stuff that kind of digs into people's emotions - I guess, character studies, would be the best way to describe it?? That's sort of the kind of fic I write, so you can probably just browse my ao3 to get a good idea, lol.

Dislikes: My only strong DNW is rape - whether explicit, or dealing with the aftermath of such. More general dislikes are - porn without plot, apocalypse/post-apocalypse settings (yes I realize I wrote for the 100, but that was a confusing out of character time for me) and uh...not much else?? idk, generally I just like...happy fic. Anything that's like, too bleak or depressing kind of makes me feel bleak and depressed, you know. You can browse my other letters for the other exchanges (including NPT from last year), they're all here on my DW (just go to my main page, it's all I use this journal for anymore). Everything in those letters is still true, if that will help you at all.

Now, fandoms!

Young Justice (Cartoon)
M'gann M'orzz, Conner Kent

So I'm just finishing up this series for the first time and oh my God, it's good. I can't believe it took me this long to get around to it. M'gann and Conner are by far my faves, and I'm just really super into their relationship - every aspect of it, honestly, even the bad parts.

I haven't finished the show yet but I guarantee you I will be by the time fics come out, so don't worry about spoilers. I would love something set post-series - obviously I don't know how it ends yet but I'm assuming there will be a somewhat open ending for these two lmao - or something even set mid-series, like some angsty post-breakup stuff? I'm fascinated by the power dynamics here, tbh - how both of them are kind of unstoppable, yet they have very specific weaknesses that can be exploited, and specifically, how they both have the ability to do so with each other. I also really like the dichotomy between how innocent they are - both being so young (new?? is that a better term for Conner?? lmao) and inexperienced, but also - they're very worldly in the sense that they are very familiar with cruelty and desperation, and having to fight to survive.

Obviously I ship them, but it doesn't have to be necessarily romantic - anything about these two would be great. Maybe something filling in the gap between seasons one and two? Or set in the future?? Fluffy stuff during season one? I'm down for anything. :)))))

Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
Any (Catherine Rollins, Chin Ho Kelly, Danny "Danno" Williams, Grace Williams, Kono Kalakaua, Lori Weston, Steve McGarrett)

Wow, so!!! My story with this show is kind of strange - I was into it a little way back when it started, and the Steve/Danny fandom kind of blew up, but I sort of drifted away from it. But since it was put up on Netflix, I've been catching up and now it's like, a Situation. What a fun show - it's my favorite kind to be fannish with, tbh. Nothing too complicated, with really good characters and lots of room to expand and write fic to fill the gaps.

I love anybody and everybody. If you want to write something shippy - I'm here for it!! I am not even being facetious when I tell you there is literally no ship I dislike. Steve/Danny is the juggernaut and hey, I love them a lot, who doesn't? But really any combination between the main four (barring Chin/Kono, in a romantic sense anyway lol) has its appeal to me, tbh. I have a soft spot for Kono/Jenna and Kono/Danny, if pressed, (Steve/Lori, too!! Pining!! They were so cute, honestly) but I promise you that whatever pairing is your favorite will make me happy lmao.

I also love Grace. I'm really super interested in her relationships with Steve and Chin and Kono, especially after this latest episode - and I'm always, always on the hunt for good future fic, when Grace is a (older) teenager/grown up, and how her relationships with her dad and the rest of his team would morph and grow and change as she did. I have this headcanon that Grace would grow up to be a cop or something related, because of them? Feel free to run with that idea, or something similar, if that inspires you. And I am always, always down for Danny&Grace father/daughter fic (someone wrote that for me for this exchange a couple years ago actually and it was great xx).

I really like Catherine too - I know I haven't mentioned her yet!! Maybe backstory on her? Actually any kind of solo piece about any of them would be great. There's tons of room to expand on any and all of them, and any relationship between them - Chin's history with Steve's dad, or all that hinted at history with he and Malia, and how Kono fit into it all. Kono's pro career, and what a blow that injury must've been to her. Lori!! Where is she now, what is she doing? I'm not super caught up so I don't know if she's made an appearance since she left the show, but - maybe she helps them from afar sometimes, off-screen? Steve, of course, and his complicated life. How'd he meet Catherine, anyway? And what's their relationship like now, now that they're not together anymore?

Really I'm just enamoured of them all so I hope something in there has given you an idea. Don't stress out if this is the fandom you're writing - well, I hope you don't stress out at all - but just pick your favorite aspect of the show and go for it, I promise I'll be along for the ride.

Star Trek: Enterprise
T'Pol (Star Trek), Charles "Trip" Tucker III

My precious cheesy little Star Trek show!!!!!! I love it. I love them. Not so much for how it was handled (bc yeah, not the best Trek series, for a lot of reasons) but because they had a lot of potential that was...sometimes explored well? And sometimes really, really not. It's just a really fun idea to me, honestly - the first human/Vulcan couple, trying really hard to make it work. (I know I keep requesting shippy pairings/combinations of characters but honestly - don't feel obligated to make it romantic. I'm super happy with gen as well.)

The thing I like about them the most is how they're sort of this contained microcosm of the bigger overall human/Vulcan culture clash on the show - Trip kind of represents all of the qualities about humanity that Vulcans disapprove of, and vice versa - and honestly, regardless of the romance, I thought it was really cool to see them slowly working their way past their first instinctive reaction of "ugh, no" and finding some kind of middle ground. Like, I love relationships between people where it's super easy and instinctual, where they get along instantly and just click, but it's much less common in fiction to see two people who are the opposite of that, and have to work really hard to get along. That's really what I like about them the most - that it is hard for them, and they do have to make sacrifices and allowances for each other. I just think it's kind of beautiful, that they're so determined to make it work that they keep coming back and trying, over and over again, when it would've been much easier to just give up already and find somebody else.

There's tons of stuff to talk about as far as plot - their daughter is the big obvious one. Like I said in my intro, I don't like horrible bleak and depressing, which - the series finale definitely qualified as lol (but who cares about the finale, is there anyone in this fandom who even acknowledges it???) so I guess I'd prefer if you kept it mid-series, or like...non-finale compliant, maybe. idk - really, it's the dynamic between them that I'm interested in, so it's kind of hard to talk about that when they're not both alive, lmao. Maybe something set in one of the canon alternate universes, like...I can't remember episode titles atm, but the one where Archer had the brain injury, and Trip was captain?? The dynamic there was super interesting, how Trip had kind of taken command out of necessity, and his personality seemed to shift to fit that role. The Expanse alt universe, where they had a son? (What was his name - Loran, I think?? Holy shit, so much possibility there). Or, of course, the Mirror-verse. Maybe something like TOS' mirror-verse episode, where they switch places somehow? Literally any of those would be super cool.

Also!! Don't be afraid to focus heavily on one or the other - that goes same for all these fandoms, honestly. I didn't request anyone that I didn't like.

The West Wing
Donna Moss, Josh Lyman

This is another fandom I came to way late - I just finished watching it like, last summer, maybe? Not too long ago. It's unsurprising that this relationship/dynamic was my favorite part. I am somewhat predictable, like that.

Again, I ship them, but don't feel pressure to make it romantic bc gen is just fine - it's more just the ins and outs of their relationship that I really like. Obviously romance is a big part of that, but I don't want you to feel like you need to write happy married with kids stuff or anything (I doubt Josh and Donna are headed for white picket fence land anyway).

What I really like about these two is that they have this element of...isolation, like - idk if that's the best way to put it, but you get the feeling that they both have a lot of trouble relating to and finding common ground with other people on a personal level, and part of what makes them work together so well is that it was so easy there, in all the ways that they have trouble with others. Part of that is romance, I guess, but I think it has more to do with compatibility, and the fact that they both understand each other really well. So like - there's an intimacy there, being each other's Person, you know, the only one who gets it, and it kind of sets them apart from other people. There's a certain kind of distance that happens when you have this one relationship that is so good and solid and easy - you sort of back away from your others?? It's not on purpose (and this isn't to say that the other romances each of them had weren't genuine) but it's just this sort of, well...isolation. Like nobody else is gonna get Josh like Donna does, nobody else is gonna understand Donna like Josh does. They're alone on an island, in a way.

Does that make any sense at all? I had some wine with lunch, I'm so sorry. Anyway! I like the paired chiefs of staff thing they did in the finale. I love the Santos family too, so if you wanna go post-series, that's awesome. Any time mid series is great - during the Great Separation, even, if you wanna go angsty-with-a-side-of-hopeful. Pre-series maybe?? Like we know how they met but we didn't get to see much of how they got from that first day to the well-oiled machine they were in the pilot. I love Donna's insecurities (I mean that in a good way?? that sounds bad) and I love that we got to see her confront them and grow past them and like, forcibly morph herself into the person that she wanted to be. I especially love that all of that played directly into Josh's insecurities, and how sometimes what's best for you as a person isn't always best for the people you love, and how your own priorities can conflict with someone else's feelings, and that really hard choice you have to make sometimes. Like, the one thing I thought was missing from the Josh/Donna conclusion was like, a conversation about all that, and just like, general...clarity on where their heads were at and why they both made the decisions they did. So maybe something like that? (PTSD probably had a lot to do with all that, too - and not just on Josh's part, tbh. Feel free to go there too if you want!!)

I hope that gives you some direction!!

Jupiter Ascending (2015)
Jupiter Jones, Caine Wise

I really, really loved this movie. It's not garbage!!!!! It's not. It's a really good movie, fight me.

There's a ton of story opportunities to take here - obviously I'm down for fun shippy stuff. Caine meets Jupiter's family, fitting-in-with-humans shenanigans, etc etc. I'm absolutely 10000% on board for that business if that's the way you wanna go. Flying around the city!! Maybe Jupiter becomes a superhero?? Protecting her planet, even from itself?? I mean. I could definitely see it.

Political stuff is my jam, too - what...exactly is Jupiter's role now, as the owner of Earth? It's hers to do whatever with, on the cosmic scale? So like - what is the system like exactly, is it just pure, unfettered capitalism? There has to be some kind of system, because there's clearly bureaucracy. So is there like...a universe president? Emperor? Does Jupiter have a place at some kind of like...senate, or council, as the heir to the Abrasax empire? that people know that she's the new heir, how much other stuff does she own? Like do the other kids keep their stuff, or does it revert back, or what? Are there other planets full of people that Jupiter is now responsible for? What about uninhabited planets? Do they have owners too? Obviously Jupiter has unfinished business with Titus, and Kalique is clearly the biggest threat in terms of "who's the next big bad", too, so what's the next move? Where does everything go from here?

I mean, clearly, there's a lot of potential story there haha. The reason I picked both Jupiter and Caine is that it gives you room to do both - something political and plotty that expands the worldbuilding of the movie and kind of digs into this really colorful universe, or something fun and lighthearted, about this heroic girl and her alien werewolf boyfriend. I'm here for any and all of it, tbh - pick your favorite part and dig in.

Okay, so!! I hope this gave you some good ideas and again, I'm so sorry for being late. My username on ao3 is jaegermighty, and that's my handle on Tumblr as well, so you can check those out if you think that'll help. And again - have fun, don't stress, and write something you'll like writing. I promise I'll be into it if you are!! :)))

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