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Here's my problem: I don't get MTV. I mean, I do, but I don't. I see you're confused, calm down.

I live at home right now, and since it's summer the siblings are home all day for the most part, working on their various art projects and destroying random objects of furniture and plotting world domination or whatever it is that they do when there aren't adults in the room. But vital to their health and ability to live a fulfilled life, apparently, is complete control over the TV.

Oh they're not watching it all day! No. But they're playing with it. They are recording 56 episodes of Teen Titans and 33 episodes of some show about ninja Legos and 2 separate versions of some weird old TV movie about Patrick Stewart as a Shakespearian ghost who makes buds with Neve Campbell (Same move. On the DVR twice. Two and a half hours long. Will not let me delete either one.) and playing Puss in Boots over and over and over literally I'm talking like constant repetition of the same movie in a row, all day long, because it inspires them to be creative. Or that's what my sister said, anyway, although I don't quite understand her logic, there. They're starting ruin Antonio Banderas for me, okay, this is serious.

This results in me never getting to watch television ever, and even if I wanted to record something SAY LIKE TEEN WOLF that doesn't work either since the DVR is literally filled up with the aforementioned insanity - bet you didn't know that a DVR even could get filled up, huh - so I have not seen even a single, solitary episode of the new season of Teen Wolf.

"You're a strong, independent woman with an internet connection," you say? "What the fuck's wrong with you, download/stream them!" Okay well SMART ASS, that won't work either because our internet is incredibly sluggish to the point where watching a 2 minute YouTube video takes me like forty-five minutes, so basically my life is full of pain.

Look, I don't give a fuck about spoilers, I know little tiny bits of plot from fic/fandom, but WILL SOMEONE PLEASE JUST EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT'S BEEN HAPPENING. SOME SHIT WENT DOWN TONIGHT AND I NEED TO KNOW. ARRRGH.

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CAR RADIO: -starts playing "We Are Young" by fun.-

MEAGAN: Hey Nick, it's your favorite song!

7 YEAR OLD BROTHER: This is not my favorite. My favorite is Somebody That I Used To Know.



7 YEAR OLD BROTHER: This song sucks!
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So I attempted to sit down and write a SHORT! SHORT! little thing to pinch hit for a holiday exchange, and it sits now at 3,000 words and I'm still not done, plus it's not happy at all. The file name itself is "i can't believe i'm writing this depressing shit for a holiday exchange" because if you can't be honest with your My Documents folder, who can you be honest with. Problems, I have them.

I also, have not, not, not forgotten about my two charity fics, DO NOT WORRY. They will come. I am determined - DETERMINED, I SAY - not to let them fade away into obscurity. IT SHALL NOT HAPPEN.

That being said, let's do a writing meme. Because I need more opportunities to procrastinate.

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.

Everyone and their mother is doing this! Feel free to give me fandoms I've never written for before, by the way. We'll call it "a mind exercise." Then maybe I can sound like less of a loser when my little sister asks me why I've spent the last four hours typing furiously.

"I'm exercising my mind so it doesn't get fat!" She probably roll her eyes and call me a loser anyway, but whatever, she's 11, what does she know.
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Let me share this thing that just happened to me with you all.

Little Sis and Littler Bro were doing something inexplicable with clay and and a pair of scissors and a Harry Potter DVD while I sat on the couch and lazily said things like "I hope you guys aren't making a mess" and "hey little dudes if you get clay on Mom's carpet I'm gonna like, be super mad" while they mostly ignored me.

You're totally captivated. I can tell.

So Little Sis is totally Type A which makes my soul die a little inside (but makes my father incredibly happy, because dammit if he can't raise Republicans at least he can raise a daughter who will appreciate his label maker) so she is predictably taking charge of this mysterious operation. Littler Bro is really not Type A and so you can imagine how fights usually start.

So it goes down like this: Littler Bro says "I don't wanna do this anymore," and Little Sis goes, "what? We're almost done. DON'T DITCH ME ON THIS!" (exact words) and Littler Bro ignores her and hops up next to me on the couch. He then proceeds to do a rather good impression of a stoned octopus, with lots of neck-rolling and arm waving and at one point, hip-shaking.

And I, of course, being the responsible Big Sister/Role Model/Hostage, said, "are you having a seizure?" Because I was concerned.

And while Little Sis is bitching about her partner-in-whatever ditching her, Littler Bro turns to me, and with all the sarcasm that a five-year-old can muster (which, turns out, is a lot) says, "no. I'm doing yoga. DUH!"

This is my legacy.

(I just discovered [community profile] fanbingo by way of [personal profile] maerhys. It is GLORIOUS and you all should play with me.)


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