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so there is some sort of program, or app, or another word that describes this phenomenon that keeps happening whenever I click on a search box of any sort on any website whatsoever in Google Chrome. Like the predict function on Google-the-website? Only it just pops up with any phrase that I have ever searched for, ever! In any search engine! In any website!

I did not install this. It appeared one day, like a rainbow shining through early morning dew. Or greenish-grey mold on bread products.

So in case you were wondering, here is my list of Things That I Have Searched For On Various Websites. I helpfully grouped them together by subject, for your convenience.***

Common Law
main actors Common Law
Warren Kole cowboy
Charisma Carpenter
hard to get
rock operas!
James Van Der Beek crying
name meanings
Vicci Martinez lyrics
Katie Holmes
feminist Katie Holmes
exotic pets
laws on exotic pets
symptoms rabies
help me cheat at words with friends PLEASE
rec list Teen Wolf
rec list Supernatural
rec list Stargate Atlantis
Good People Have Good Sex
Bruce Willis

I feel so functional and happy with my life choices!

***please note that this list is censored, also for your convenience, and my dignity.

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