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Since I apparently have fic ADD lately, I've abandoned figuring out the next chapter of the Teen Wolf bunny rabbit thing and apparently started a huge, epic Spider-Man fic. Because, uh, why not.

It's sitting at about 10,000 words right now and it will probably be around 20k when it's done, maybe. I dunno. I've seriously written this thing over the course of like three days, and I have the whole plot convalescing in my head and I'm super excited about it.

I would use it for something like the Marvel big bang, but sign ups are closed. Off topic: I really, really hate that big bangs close author sign ups right away. It's like, what if I didn't know about it?! What if I come up with a huge story in the beginning of August that I'd like to use for a big bang but the only one available closed sign ups two months ago?! Even though there's still plenty of time for me to finish and get the story edited in time for the due date in September?! Goddamn it!

This has happened to me like five or six times, I cannot even tell you. Frustrated.

Rambling included; spoilers for the Avengers and the new Spider-Man )

So, would anyone like to read it? I could use some opinions. It's very plot driven, so don't expect anything special, but I am super psyched about this piece and I'd like to have someone to talk about it with. I realize this is like the fifth time I've asked this this month, but any takers?


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