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Here's my problem: I don't get MTV. I mean, I do, but I don't. I see you're confused, calm down.

I live at home right now, and since it's summer the siblings are home all day for the most part, working on their various art projects and destroying random objects of furniture and plotting world domination or whatever it is that they do when there aren't adults in the room. But vital to their health and ability to live a fulfilled life, apparently, is complete control over the TV.

Oh they're not watching it all day! No. But they're playing with it. They are recording 56 episodes of Teen Titans and 33 episodes of some show about ninja Legos and 2 separate versions of some weird old TV movie about Patrick Stewart as a Shakespearian ghost who makes buds with Neve Campbell (Same move. On the DVR twice. Two and a half hours long. Will not let me delete either one.) and playing Puss in Boots over and over and over literally I'm talking like constant repetition of the same movie in a row, all day long, because it inspires them to be creative. Or that's what my sister said, anyway, although I don't quite understand her logic, there. They're starting ruin Antonio Banderas for me, okay, this is serious.

This results in me never getting to watch television ever, and even if I wanted to record something SAY LIKE TEEN WOLF that doesn't work either since the DVR is literally filled up with the aforementioned insanity - bet you didn't know that a DVR even could get filled up, huh - so I have not seen even a single, solitary episode of the new season of Teen Wolf.

"You're a strong, independent woman with an internet connection," you say? "What the fuck's wrong with you, download/stream them!" Okay well SMART ASS, that won't work either because our internet is incredibly sluggish to the point where watching a 2 minute YouTube video takes me like forty-five minutes, so basically my life is full of pain.

Look, I don't give a fuck about spoilers, I know little tiny bits of plot from fic/fandom, but WILL SOMEONE PLEASE JUST EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT'S BEEN HAPPENING. SOME SHIT WENT DOWN TONIGHT AND I NEED TO KNOW. ARRRGH.

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My hotmail account has been sending out spam messages, and even though I never save people in my contacts for this exact reason, it's apparently just sending it to any addresses I've received mail from. I use this account (downopheliadrowns at hotmail dot com) for fannish purposes only nowadays, so if you've ever sent me email, and you get email from me, um, probably best not to open it.

If I'm going to email somebody, I'll do it from a different account from now on.

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