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I still don't have India pictures - because roommate has them and she's a high maintenance neurotic bundle of hormones and we need to have some time apart right now - but I do have some unsolicited opinions on romantic comedy stories if you're interested in those, I don't know. I'm reading old big bangs, what can I say.

Somewhat related: so in India they play US television all the time, right - all four Die Hard movies were on while I was there, it's like they knew I was coming! - and since they play Supernatural like fucking four times a day, not even kidding, I um, started watching it? I don't even know how it happened, I was gonna make fun of it I swear but then I was like oh this guy's kind of hot and oh okay so he's less annoying than he was on Gilmore Girls and then before I recognized what was happening I was all but why did he go to hell? And is this like a Philip Pullman Heaven-is-actually-evil kind of universe or did they just arbitrarily make it complicated so the angel could be more bad ass and I don't even care that they keep killing all the women MUST FIND PORN. Stupid, right.

So anywhoos I've been looking up a lot of fluffy happy shit to read to distract myself from the fact that I a) did not get into grad school (sad cookies) and b) am moving back in with my parents soon (double sad misery chip cookies) and c) have no interesting plans or prospects and am almost completely out of money and haven't gotten laid in a month. Party!

And I've been thinking about romantic comedy stories in general, and how they're constructed and the stupid shit that authors do all the time that make them annoying, and so here are a bunch of my opinions, because I'm sure this is all vital information for all of you.

A month from now I will be sleeping on a twin bed above the garage and babysitting every Friday night, fucking let me have this )

You're welcome!

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