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Kris Allen, you get down with your bad self!

I am actually more impressed with this album than I am with Adam's, if only because it's such an improvement over his last one. It's definitely more creative and shows off more of his range musically, plus the songs are more audience-friendly and the lyrics are, how do I put this, less stupid. And what a great use of Meiko, too. Duets that aren't singles usually suck, but Loves Me Not has some really interesting melodies. I also love that she is an equal force in the song, too - none of that John Mayer/Taylor Swift bullshit.

I'm not sure what the significance of the album title is, aside from it being pretty-sounding. Is that a reference to something I'm missing?

Rooftops would make a kick-ass second single. Just saying.
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I got the new Adam Lambert album! How are we not all talking about this?

It's so silly. (I love it.) It reminds me of the things my gay high school friend would write in his diary and then yell at people later when they were fighting. "You just wait until you getta load of me!" "Fuck you, I get my kicks!"

It's also very 80's. Oh my God.

You are such a strong independent woman, Adam!
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Holy fuck, you guys. Holy fuck. )

I think the thing I love the most about this is that it's so recognizable. That dirt road could be the dirt road I grew up on (no seriously, it looks exactly the same). That barn could be the old barn where my boyfriend and I used to go to drink beer and make out in. And I can't tell you how many times I've taken liquor out into a cornfield with my friends. We never took a piano, but we had music and vodka. As much as I dislike it sometimes, these scenes and places live in my blood. You never quite leave home, no matter where you go.

ETA: ALSO OMG. I just found out that the wedding dress she wears was her mother's. So cool.

(c/o Nicola Formichetti)


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