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Okay so I have this dilemma.

Right now, I'm absolutely positive that I want to move away from Iowa. It's not that I don't like it (well, I. I just. I have complex feelings about it, basically.) it's just - I need to be somewhere else for a while. If I don't, and I end up spending the rest of my life here because I didn't get off my ass and go somewhere I'm gonna hate myself.

My problem is, I have no idea where I want to go. My dream place would be London, but uh I am not a MAGICIAN and am in fact a POOR YOUNG PERSON WITH NO HIGHLY SPECIFIC QUALIFICATIONS so that's pretty much a pipe dream, unless I get into a grad school over there or something. Which, LOL yeah let's dream a little bigger.

I know I'd like a somewhat mild climate (Iowan winters, ugh, I'm so done) and lots of culture, and reliable public transit so I hopefully wouldn't have to fuck around with a car, but other than that I've got nothin'. So I'm asking all you fine people, if you're so inclined, to talk at me for a bit about the area where you live.

What would you tell someone who wanted to move there, basically? Pros and cons? Invitations to crash on your couch? (lol I'd be careful with that one I am fairly sure that nobody wants to see my cranky ass in their living room first thing in the morning) Would you tell someone to live where you live? Or do you absolutely loathe it and want to preemptively warn me away? I'm hungry, babies. Feed me.

(If you're uncomfortable talking about where you live in a public post, I'd be more than happy to screen your comments, just let me know.)

Ugh, I almost wish I was one of those Midwestern people that dream about moving to NYC or something. At least then I'd have a goal. All I know right now is that I don't wanna be here. Where I'd like to be is the hard part.
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GUESS WHAT. I'm in India!

There's culture shock and fantastic food and clinic visits (the roommate's doctor is incredibly nice and the clinic is - wow, nothing like clinics in the US) and we're staying at a 5 star resort so there's spa stuff and a salon and people who won't let us open our own doors. And we get driven everywhere, so it's totally weird, I feel like a rich, white asshole. Which I am, except for the rich part.

I have wifi pretty regularly so I'll be in touch; I might even get some writing done, how about that? I love my life. I love everything about life. I love you guys. I love everything. I'm gonna go get a massage now.
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real life so and so )

Okay but anyway, shiny new fandom what what, hellooooo Suits! Let's be clear about this, I'm not actually watching the show, because I tried and it's annoying and quite boring at times, not to mention overindulgent, as most USA network shows tend to be (excepting perhaps Burn Notice, on the boring/annoying fronts) but hey, fic. The fic is pretty good.

I do have to say that as unsurprised and vaguely irritated I am at yet another instance of fandom attaching itself to the two white guys over the other perfectly wonderful and interesting women/characters of color, Gabriel Macht (Harvey Specter) is just like this, fucking awesomesauce chameleon of an actor. I didn't even recognize him at first, and when I saw his name on the show I was like, "nooooo, that can't be him, wtf," mostly because I know him from The Spirit (in which he wore a mask for 99% of his screen time and did a weird Christian Bale thing with his voice) and the phenomenal film A Love Song for Bobby Long, in which he looked like this:

So seeing him on Suits looking like this:

Well, you can see. Also, in Bobby Long he played a failed grad student who mostly moped around in sweatpants, drinking gin and quoting Hemingway in a thick Southern drawl. I don't think Harvey Specter even owns a pair of sweatpants. Or has ever even stepped an Italian leather-clad toe in a fiction section.

I mean, it's like the before/after photos of a recovering alcoholic.

My point is, I'm impressed and wish that he has made more movies for me to watch. I hope this gig gets him more parts, preferably in more indie-type movies in which he wears sport coats and doesn't shave and quotes a lot of poetry.

Well anyway, let me take this opportunity to implore you all to go watch A Love Song for Bobby Long. It also stars Scarlett Jo-however-you-spell-it and the ineffable Travolta. But don't let that dissuade you because this film is one of those stories that changed my life a little bit.

This is one thing that impresses me about actors - the good ones, anyway. How they can completely transform and make you believe in it so much that they don't even seem real outside of that role. Like, for instance, how Travolta can make a film like Bobby Long and then proceed to film just utter shit ever since. Oh well.

Also Gina Torres! On my TV screen again! Please, fandom. Bring on the Firefly crossovers already. I'm ready and waiting.


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