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Okay, so it was brought to my attention that there was apparently a weird comment left on Enslaved by the Moon, which is a fic written for me by an anonymous (as of right now anyway) author for the [ profile] tw_fallharvest fanwork exchange. I don't know who left this comment, but it apparently expressed concern that the fic was not what I wanted/asked for and would upset me, or something.

I just wanted to make it clear to the author, in case they browse my journal, that I don't know who left this comment, they were not speaking on my behalf or even with my permission or knowledge, and that is not how I feel.

The fact is that whether or not it's exactly what I asked for or wanted doesn't matter; somebody sat down and wrote a 20k fic for me, as a gift, and that is so incredibly fantastic. I'm of the opinion that bitching about how a gift someone gave you (especially a gift someone made for you, that took as much time and effort as writing a story does) is not good enough is one of the most asshole things a person can do, and definitely a gross violation of fandom etiquette. It's also really mean. So I'm not gonna have any of that.

I haven't had a chance to read it all the way through yet but I already know that I will enjoy the hell out of it, because the entire time I'll be thinking about how much effort and thought was put into it (just for little 'ol me!) and the creativity of the plot (it's like, a fairytale AU! There are PRINCES AND STUFF!) and how they wrote, basically, the beginning of a Stiles/Lydia/Derek OT3 for me (AWWWWESOME) and basically, there is literally no way that I'm going to hate it or be upset by it in any way.

Just for the record. Everyone go check out that mother ASAP. And leave them lots of kudos and nice things because thank you forever, Author. You're awesome! Go you! 20,000 words! You're blowin' my mind!

Gonna read the hell out of that thing just as soon as I get this extremely late fic done and survive Thanksgiving. Uh, yeah.

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