4 November 2012 10:29 am
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So, taking a page from many of my dear friends, I'd like to let you guys know my future plans regarding LJ.

I'm really not interested in staying there permanently anymore, I haven't been for awhile. If most of the fannish communities weren't there, I'd be long gone. Unfortunately, I have a permanent account (something I bought when I was, God, 16? 15? It was a present from my parents, I remember, and so obviously that was before I knew that I would come to disagree with 99% of LJ's business decisions) so I can't exactly ~stop paying them to express my displeasure, but eventually I hope to stop using it completely. Of course that day will happen once fandom stops using LJ completely, which seems to be LJ's intention, some days.

So from now on I'm going to be posting from DW exclusively. Anyone who has a DW account, please let me know so I can start working on my reading page and filling in the gaps. Comments will still be open at LJ, and I'm not gonna be shutting everything down just yet, but I'd like to start moving in that direction, at least.

But, maybe most importantly to the people surfing my journal/s, my fic will no longer be hosted at LJ. I've been slacking off lately at [ profile] theborogoves anyway, and LOL it's mostly a OneDirection party there anyway (no hard feelings though, go crazy guys, you're awesome) so everything I write from now on will be hosted at my AO3.

I'll still signal boost it at LJ communities, and for challenges and stuff of course, but AO3 is gonna be my permanent gathering place, that's all.

I still have a free DW account and now that I have a job (which is going great by the way - !!!) I can hopefully upgrade to a paid one, because if there's any place that deserves my money, it's Dreamwidth. And for those of you who are maybe debating whether or not to make a transition, I strongly urge you to make the jump, because wow. It's such a change from LJ. It's so...friendly and transparent and logical. Who'd have thought?


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