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So I'm in Florida and everything sucks, let me tell you why.

Florida and I have a long history of hating each other's guts, due to a series of horrible vacations starting with the time I broke my wrist in Cinderella's castle restaurant when I was eight and that time when my aunt traumatized me when I was seventeen under the guise of buying me a prom dress. So usually when my mother goes "hey hey let's go visit your aunt and stay in her super cool house and go to the beach and take the kids to theme parks!" I'm all like, "hell no, devil woman," and lock myself in the bathroom until she goes away.

But this time, I decided to come along, mostly because I move out at the end of the month and I'm out of money to feed myself. Which in hindsight was a mistake in judgment because everything that has gone wrong has, spectacularly and with much gusto.

My little sister got sick the first day, which in turn made me get sick, and then I scratched my cornea in some mysterious way (mysteriously! Without reason! Maybe it scratched itself to get away from my family! Who knows, it's a mystery!) so I've spent the last three days in abject misery, unable to open my eyes for longer than a few minutes - it's just now getting better so that I can do something other than stare at my eyelids and hope for death - and did I mention there's a hurricane? Yeah, there's a hurricane.

Also my aunt and my mom got into a fight so we left and got a hotel instead, and then my parents got into a fight because my dad bought a timeshare and my mom didn't want him to, so everyone's fighting and it's storming outside and there is no beach in my future and the left side of my face is still swelled up like a basketball. Woo hoo.

But I did get to go to the Harry Potter thing at Universal Studios, and embarrass my entire family with how stoked I was. So...I guess it was worth it? (It really wasn't.)


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