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There's all this back history for these Teen Wolf characters that I want to fit into this bunny rabbit fic thing, but I can't because I have no logical reasoning for why Stiles would know most of it. He's basically the Watcher, but he's also a kid and an internet connection only takes you so far.

So you guys get to read it all. Yay! No seriously, this is where I'm coming from, writing this fic. In case anyone is interested.

Oh, she's EXPLAINING things again )

I have some other details about Jackson and Lydia and so on, but I might actually use those.

Can I also take this moment to state for the record that Jackson, as a character, is the whiniest, most useless piece of shit ever? This bias, I'm sure, is going to show through, especially since I already made it clear that I don't approve of Derek allowing him to join the werewolf club. Well, that's mostly because I really want to like Derek and I really want to believe he wouldn't allow a teenager with wolfsbane poisoning make a decision to change the course of the rest of his life just because he has spoiled rich kid issues, but whatever. (He's probably going to be a werewolf in season two. God damn it.)

The kid is also seriously creepy looking. It's like they deliberately went out and found someone who looked like a gay porn star and then said, "okay, let's make him not wear shirts and look like he's been date-rape drugged a lot, good plan? Great." This is not sexy, people. I judge you, canon.

Also, someone needs to sit these writers down and have a talk about what counts as sympathetic problems and what doesn't. "He's adopted" does not fucking count, okay now I'm done.

(Stiles is going to point all of this out at some point, fair warning.)

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