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So my [community profile] pod_together project just went live, which was a joint effort with the lovely [personal profile] bessyboo. Check it:

The Dog Days Are Over
Life with Derek, Derek/Casey, Basically Casey wanted a dog, is how it started, and what Casey wants, Casey gets. Derek's not sure who wrote that rule but he takes serious issue with it.

I forgot to put it in the notes that [ profile] thebucketwoman did a beta read for me, but you're in there now! SORRY SORRY ILU.

Please go check it out because Bess did a fantastic job, and she made some adorable cover art and I'm very proud of what we managed to scrape together between both of our troublesome deadline habits. If you're not familiar with the fandom, all you need to know is that they're type A stepsiblings in love, and who doesn't want to read about that? NOBODY!
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So I've come to the sad conclusion that I am going to need a beta for this fic.

I usually don't use betas, honestly, not because I don't think I need them (HAHA I REALLY DO) but because my lifestyle is such that they're really kind of inconvenient. (As in, some days I have ten minutes on the internet, other days I will stay up all night long writing and reading, it just depends.) It takes me long enough to get shit finished as it is, adding another stage to the equation would make it so I would hardly ever post anything ever. And I'm really not the type of fandom writer that wants to put stellar writing out each time, it's more about producing fun things and having a good time with it, so there's my explanation.

That being said, I'm at odd ends with this story. I must've started it at least a year ago, it sat on my hard drive for a very long time before I started posting it at [community profile] derekstiles. What I'm really looking for is someone to bounce ideas off of and help me streamline the ideas I do have into a plot that makes sense.

I have no illusions that this is going to be the next great American masterpiece or anything, because lol, it's already half posted and I have only a vague outline for the rest of it and also, it's ridiculous. If you haven't read it, that's all you need to know.

There's also the matter that since it was started as season one was still airing, it doesn't take season two canon into account at all. My characterizations are different and rather funny now that we have season two to clarify things (lol derek) but I do have to say, I totally called Stiles's mom dying from illness. HAH.

Any takers? Please. I have ideas. Let me share them.
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So I wouldn't normally do this, but I've been going through a lot of the shit I have on my hard drive now that my computer and I have been reunited and I found this thing that I started months ago, that has now been effectively Jossed. I'm not going to do anything with it because well, playing around with canon is more interesting, but if anyone likes the idea feel free to run with it.

I still hope Show makes Lydia into a bad ass. Because come the fuck on, if she's just going to be Ginny Weasley for the rest of forever I'm gonna be pissed.

Teen Wolf, ~1900 words, Lydia/Stiles, Derek )
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So I attempted to sit down and write a SHORT! SHORT! little thing to pinch hit for a holiday exchange, and it sits now at 3,000 words and I'm still not done, plus it's not happy at all. The file name itself is "i can't believe i'm writing this depressing shit for a holiday exchange" because if you can't be honest with your My Documents folder, who can you be honest with. Problems, I have them.

I also, have not, not, not forgotten about my two charity fics, DO NOT WORRY. They will come. I am determined - DETERMINED, I SAY - not to let them fade away into obscurity. IT SHALL NOT HAPPEN.

That being said, let's do a writing meme. Because I need more opportunities to procrastinate.

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.

Everyone and their mother is doing this! Feel free to give me fandoms I've never written for before, by the way. We'll call it "a mind exercise." Then maybe I can sound like less of a loser when my little sister asks me why I've spent the last four hours typing furiously.

"I'm exercising my mind so it doesn't get fat!" She probably roll her eyes and call me a loser anyway, but whatever, she's 11, what does she know.
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FYI: I took down my fic "off with your head" just now. I'm not planning on posting it publicly again, so if anyone is confused or dismayed, I'm sorry about that.

Thanks for all your wonderful comments on it though, I treasure them all. :)

ETA 12/1/11: to clarify, I didn't just friends-lock the story, I took it down totally. I did flock it at my archive community ([ profile] theborogoves), but since the only people who are members of that one are people who archive their fic there, it might as well be offline completely. So I'm sorry to say friending me won't make any difference, especially since I hardly ever post fic at my personal journal, anyway.

Thanks. :)
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[ profile] reena_jenkins just podficced my story "Magical Lemonade" and you can check it out here! Yes, this is the second podfic for this story. I am a lucky, lucky cookie.

Go check it out! :)

also also also:

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I need a beta! It's for a fic for a pretty much almost non-existent fandom, though. So I'm calling for help.

The movie is Push; it came out a few years ago and it stars Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning. I'm writing it for het_bigbang, and I'm way behind, and I'm kind of stale on writing lately, so I'd really like someone to read it over and help me work out the kinks.

I'd like someone who ideally, has seen the movie, but if not just someone who's willing to be kind of confused. The pairing is Nick/Cassie, though (Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning's characters) and even though they're aged up 10+ years (in the movie he's in his 20s and she's 13), there's still a significant age difference, so if that squicks you this probably isn't for you.

Everything you need to know about Push. )
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so what, I signed up for kink bingo. Wanna make something of it?

porn. )

I think I can definitely pull off a bingo with that last column, starting with spanking/paddling and ending with bondage (other). Doesn't uniform/military kink just scream Inception fandom to you? Seriously.

Which, uh, I've been writing in. There are a couple ficlets up at my writing community, and some anonymous stuff at the kink meme. WHAT.

I feel very defensive about all of this. BIG BANG? OF COURSE I'LL FINISH IT.

ETA: ai_snapshots! )
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New opening scene of a private war. Too cold? More intro? Less nudity? Let me know, dear flist.

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