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My hotmail account has been sending out spam messages, and even though I never save people in my contacts for this exact reason, it's apparently just sending it to any addresses I've received mail from. I use this account (downopheliadrowns at hotmail dot com) for fannish purposes only nowadays, so if you've ever sent me email, and you get email from me, um, probably best not to open it.

If I'm going to email somebody, I'll do it from a different account from now on.
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Let me share this thing that just happened to me with you all.

Little Sis and Littler Bro were doing something inexplicable with clay and and a pair of scissors and a Harry Potter DVD while I sat on the couch and lazily said things like "I hope you guys aren't making a mess" and "hey little dudes if you get clay on Mom's carpet I'm gonna like, be super mad" while they mostly ignored me.

You're totally captivated. I can tell.

So Little Sis is totally Type A which makes my soul die a little inside (but makes my father incredibly happy, because dammit if he can't raise Republicans at least he can raise a daughter who will appreciate his label maker) so she is predictably taking charge of this mysterious operation. Littler Bro is really not Type A and so you can imagine how fights usually start.

So it goes down like this: Littler Bro says "I don't wanna do this anymore," and Little Sis goes, "what? We're almost done. DON'T DITCH ME ON THIS!" (exact words) and Littler Bro ignores her and hops up next to me on the couch. He then proceeds to do a rather good impression of a stoned octopus, with lots of neck-rolling and arm waving and at one point, hip-shaking.

And I, of course, being the responsible Big Sister/Role Model/Hostage, said, "are you having a seizure?" Because I was concerned.

And while Little Sis is bitching about her partner-in-whatever ditching her, Littler Bro turns to me, and with all the sarcasm that a five-year-old can muster (which, turns out, is a lot) says, "no. I'm doing yoga. DUH!"

This is my legacy.

(I just discovered [community profile] fanbingo by way of [personal profile] maerhys. It is GLORIOUS and you all should play with me.)

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