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so i've definitely been MIA for the past week or so, because i've been MOVING, and as i type this now i am officially MOVED. except for my clothes, which are sitting in hampers right next to me and decidedly not in the closet where their home is. but other than that, everything's MOVED.

i live in carterville, illinois, which is a tiny town very close to carbondale, illinois, which is where a huge university is that i'm hoping to get into for the fall. my apartment complex is actually for another college called john a. logan college, so it's a lot like the apartments i had at my undergrad, only this time my roommmate and i decided to decorate like adults instead of overgrown teenagers so it's not nearly as shitty. my mom came down with me and decorated the crap out of this place, so it looks awesome.

it's a nice place. everyone seems like they're really happy to live here. i don't know about myself yet, i need some more time. and a goddamn job.

but anyway. in between moving and looking for a job and hanging with the roommate i have been marathoning TEEN WOLF. that's right, you assholes LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME. also, spoilers. )
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I'm sure you all know that LJ is experiencing a large-scale DDoS attack. You also probably know that it's because of political conflict in Russia, and because LJ remains one of the only social platforms for Russian bloggers to use to you know, speak freely about their government. I've seen a lot of frustration and anger about the situation from a lot of people, which is expected, but I want to clarify something really quick.

Most of the anger seems to be with LJ's customer service in neglecting to inform its customers of the reason behind the downtime. But here's the bottom line, okay - it's standard practice not to announce DDoS attacks when they happen to your site, because it causes publicity for the hackers and generally makes the problem worse. Furthermore, since this has happened before, I'm not sure why people didn't make the connection right away anyway.

Let's be honest - LJ is far from perfect and we all know that. But this situation is not something I can fault them for. And knowing what I do about Russia, and free speech in Russia in particular, I am actually proud to have been a customer of LJ's for as long as I have. They could have easily deleted the bloggers in question and completely eliminated their problems - but they didn't. And that, in my opinion, shows character and integrity.

There is no better illustration of privilege in my opinion than a bunch of LJers bitching and moaning about how the site's down for a week and making it harder for them to read fic while bloggers in Russia face vicious attacks and censorship in order to make their voices heard. So let's all calm down a little, people.

I support LJ in this situation, and I support the right of any person to speak their mind without fear of dangerous repercussions to their career, reputation or physical safety. And I implore everyone to consider LJ's side of things before writing it off as just one more reason to move to DW.

ETA: A helpful TIME article.

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