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so i've definitely been MIA for the past week or so, because i've been MOVING, and as i type this now i am officially MOVED. except for my clothes, which are sitting in hampers right next to me and decidedly not in the closet where their home is. but other than that, everything's MOVED.

i live in carterville, illinois, which is a tiny town very close to carbondale, illinois, which is where a huge university is that i'm hoping to get into for the fall. my apartment complex is actually for another college called john a. logan college, so it's a lot like the apartments i had at my undergrad, only this time my roommmate and i decided to decorate like adults instead of overgrown teenagers so it's not nearly as shitty. my mom came down with me and decorated the crap out of this place, so it looks awesome.

it's a nice place. everyone seems like they're really happy to live here. i don't know about myself yet, i need some more time. and a goddamn job.

but anyway. in between moving and looking for a job and hanging with the roommate i have been marathoning TEEN WOLF. that's right, you assholes LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO ME. also, spoilers. )

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