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So I've come to the sad conclusion that I am going to need a beta for this fic.

I usually don't use betas, honestly, not because I don't think I need them (HAHA I REALLY DO) but because my lifestyle is such that they're really kind of inconvenient. (As in, some days I have ten minutes on the internet, other days I will stay up all night long writing and reading, it just depends.) It takes me long enough to get shit finished as it is, adding another stage to the equation would make it so I would hardly ever post anything ever. And I'm really not the type of fandom writer that wants to put stellar writing out each time, it's more about producing fun things and having a good time with it, so there's my explanation.

That being said, I'm at odd ends with this story. I must've started it at least a year ago, it sat on my hard drive for a very long time before I started posting it at [community profile] derekstiles. What I'm really looking for is someone to bounce ideas off of and help me streamline the ideas I do have into a plot that makes sense.

I have no illusions that this is going to be the next great American masterpiece or anything, because lol, it's already half posted and I have only a vague outline for the rest of it and also, it's ridiculous. If you haven't read it, that's all you need to know.

There's also the matter that since it was started as season one was still airing, it doesn't take season two canon into account at all. My characterizations are different and rather funny now that we have season two to clarify things (lol derek) but I do have to say, I totally called Stiles's mom dying from illness. HAH.

Any takers? Please. I have ideas. Let me share them.
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Here's my problem: I don't get MTV. I mean, I do, but I don't. I see you're confused, calm down.

I live at home right now, and since it's summer the siblings are home all day for the most part, working on their various art projects and destroying random objects of furniture and plotting world domination or whatever it is that they do when there aren't adults in the room. But vital to their health and ability to live a fulfilled life, apparently, is complete control over the TV.

Oh they're not watching it all day! No. But they're playing with it. They are recording 56 episodes of Teen Titans and 33 episodes of some show about ninja Legos and 2 separate versions of some weird old TV movie about Patrick Stewart as a Shakespearian ghost who makes buds with Neve Campbell (Same move. On the DVR twice. Two and a half hours long. Will not let me delete either one.) and playing Puss in Boots over and over and over literally I'm talking like constant repetition of the same movie in a row, all day long, because it inspires them to be creative. Or that's what my sister said, anyway, although I don't quite understand her logic, there. They're starting ruin Antonio Banderas for me, okay, this is serious.

This results in me never getting to watch television ever, and even if I wanted to record something SAY LIKE TEEN WOLF that doesn't work either since the DVR is literally filled up with the aforementioned insanity - bet you didn't know that a DVR even could get filled up, huh - so I have not seen even a single, solitary episode of the new season of Teen Wolf.

"You're a strong, independent woman with an internet connection," you say? "What the fuck's wrong with you, download/stream them!" Okay well SMART ASS, that won't work either because our internet is incredibly sluggish to the point where watching a 2 minute YouTube video takes me like forty-five minutes, so basically my life is full of pain.

Look, I don't give a fuck about spoilers, I know little tiny bits of plot from fic/fandom, but WILL SOMEONE PLEASE JUST EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT'S BEEN HAPPENING. SOME SHIT WENT DOWN TONIGHT AND I NEED TO KNOW. ARRRGH.

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So I wouldn't normally do this, but I've been going through a lot of the shit I have on my hard drive now that my computer and I have been reunited and I found this thing that I started months ago, that has now been effectively Jossed. I'm not going to do anything with it because well, playing around with canon is more interesting, but if anyone likes the idea feel free to run with it.

I still hope Show makes Lydia into a bad ass. Because come the fuck on, if she's just going to be Ginny Weasley for the rest of forever I'm gonna be pissed.

Teen Wolf, ~1900 words, Lydia/Stiles, Derek )
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no seriously, this is ALL I AM DOING, ALL DAY. it's pretty wonderful.

I'm honestly trying to get the bunny rabbit fic done before I leave for India next week (DID I MENTION I'M GOING TO INDIA NEXT WEEK, NO? I'M GOING TO GODDAMN INDIA NEXT WEEK, BOO YAH) but I'm not...hopeful. More like blindly optimistic.

Anyway, here read this stuff.

for i have measured out my life with coffee spoons, by [ profile] youcallitwinter, btvs, from a prompt by me! It's gorgeous.
She’s saved the world sixty five point four three times (that one time with Adam the Scooby Gang might have contributed around point five seven – and she’s kind of being generous really— in the world saving business, but it isn’t like she was totally out of the scene there).

Also this songcommentficathon at youcallitwinter's journal, because yay, fun! Also, let's try to make the word songcommentficathon happen.

The Tragic, Doomed, and Epic Life and Loves of Elizabeth Jean McKay by [ profile] captanddeastar, SGA, mckay/sheppard kid!fic, how have I never read this before?! Faaaantastic.
"I just..." she tries to explain. "I...who will I be tragically in love with now? I am an amazing genius with beautiful blue eyes who fixes everything that goes wrong, and you are a handsome and rakish Air Force officer with spiky hair and a devil-may-care glint in your eye! It was the perfect formula! How could it go so wrong?!" Elizabeth throws her hands up in despair and confusion.

Lorne is laughing a little.

"Remember how you promised not to laugh?" Elizabeth says dangerously.

Blood in the Water, Fire in the Sky: A Love Story by [ profile] ahab2692, teen wolf, derek/stiles, this is pretty goddamn epic. It moves really quickly and so in the beginning you have to kind of stretch to believe some of it (the progression of the Derek/Stiles particularly) but it just keeps getting better with each part. Interesting plot and the best explanation for What's Up With Lydia I've seen yet. Long, though, and warnings for character death - ~62,000 words total.
Stiles wipes his eyes, rubs at his nose. “You guys are the best thing in my life,” he says, open and honest and so heartbreakingly sincere that the sentiment doesn’t sound cliched or cheap. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Derek nods. “I know,” he murmurs. “But you never have to worry about that. Not from me. Not from any of us.”

My, What Large Teeth You Have by [ profile] Elzebe, teen wolf, derek/stiles, there are, of course, a gazillion little red riding hood fics ALREADY but this one's my favorite because tropes! It twists them! Sexy and fun.
This is why I should stop being such a nice guy, thinks Stiles as he stares up into the face of an angry and criminally attractive guy that is definitely not Mr. Takehashi, the eighty year old agoraphobic that his dad sends Stiles over to deliver a casserole every week as an excuse to check up on him. This is also why I should convince Dad I need a taser.

and now genderbending!stiles! woo hoo read this one first: The Strong Scent of Evergreen by [ profile] rubykatewriting, derek/stiles obvs, SO FREAKING SEXY AND PERFECT, MY HEART, IT GREW THREE SIZES
Lydia explains knotting over coffee, because that’s what their lives are now.

and then: In the Next Room by [ profile] twentysomething, derek/stiles, includes the story and its pornquel, like she's all that but not as offensive and bonus werewolves!
"Okay, you are being super fucking crazy right now. It's not even your time of the month for another two weeks, no excuses." Stiles snaps. It's not her best zinging comeback but clearly it does something , because Derek is kissing her like they're going to die.

Complete Blank by [ profile] rivkat, GROSSE POINTE BLANK FIC, THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW, ignore how old this story is and how I'm just now catching on
In any event, Marcella took over the wedding planning with the air of a frustrated parent who'd watched her children struggle too long to make pictures with macaroni and tempera paint, and who'd swept the table clean to start again. In this analogy, she favored impasto. By the end of the week she had five different binders and signed contracts with a jazz band.

Manly Wedding Blog which is not a fic, but a blog about weddings, which is manly, and written by someone Kat Dennings like, went to high school with or something which is how I found it but whatever, it's pretty funny. In a dude way, you know.

Even a Miracle Needs a Hand by [ profile] victoria_p, darcy lewis/clint barton (hawkeye), various avenger fandoms (LOOK CAN WE JUST CALL IT "AVENGERS FANDOM"? JESUS) this is adorable. Christmas!
"Who cares about that?" Tony asks through a mouthful of crumbs. "I want to know what these cookies mean. Are they, Sorry, We Didn't Get You a Pony, Darcy cookies or We're Running Off to Maui for the Holidays So You're On Your Own cookies or what?"

"No," Darcy says, looking up from where she's been texting furiously with her sister to confirm the terrible news. "These are You're Going to Be the Only Single Person at Christmas Dinner and Aunt Lucy Thinks You're Going to Die Old and Alone and Be Eaten By Cats preserves cookies."

That Keeps On Giving by [ profile] mayachain, SGA McKay/Sheppard, look this makes me feel lots of feelings. I am still pissed off we don't get our movie that ends with everyone moving to a planet somewhere and living in a hut and building their own village and shit.
Radek does not need to see schematics that will show something thought unachievable transformed into something reachable. It is not hard to guess that whatever has caught the lunatic's imagination now, this time it will be something ultimately for the benefit of Colonel Sheppard. No-one in any of the known galaxies will ever, ever pour as much of his heart into something for Radek as Rodney McKay has already done for his team.
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There's all this back history for these Teen Wolf characters that I want to fit into this bunny rabbit fic thing, but I can't because I have no logical reasoning for why Stiles would know most of it. He's basically the Watcher, but he's also a kid and an internet connection only takes you so far.

So you guys get to read it all. Yay! No seriously, this is where I'm coming from, writing this fic. In case anyone is interested.

Oh, she's EXPLAINING things again )

I have some other details about Jackson and Lydia and so on, but I might actually use those.

Can I also take this moment to state for the record that Jackson, as a character, is the whiniest, most useless piece of shit ever? This bias, I'm sure, is going to show through, especially since I already made it clear that I don't approve of Derek allowing him to join the werewolf club. Well, that's mostly because I really want to like Derek and I really want to believe he wouldn't allow a teenager with wolfsbane poisoning make a decision to change the course of the rest of his life just because he has spoiled rich kid issues, but whatever. (He's probably going to be a werewolf in season two. God damn it.)

The kid is also seriously creepy looking. It's like they deliberately went out and found someone who looked like a gay porn star and then said, "okay, let's make him not wear shirts and look like he's been date-rape drugged a lot, good plan? Great." This is not sexy, people. I judge you, canon.

Also, someone needs to sit these writers down and have a talk about what counts as sympathetic problems and what doesn't. "He's adopted" does not fucking count, okay now I'm done.

(Stiles is going to point all of this out at some point, fair warning.)


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