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I am a tad drunkity-drunk right now, but I would like to share this with the world/reading page/people Googling my fic:

I went to my little brother's first real gig as a paid, professional musician tonight and he fucking killed it. You guys, he is amazing. I cannot even tell you.

I am not even being biased as most sisters would be, I am in fact being as entirely truthful as one could possibly be in the state of intoxication that I am currently enjoying: he is Going Places and I am so proud of him, I can't even. I can't.

He sang and played his guitar like a mofo and he was engaging and dynamic and basically was a rock star, and this dive bar he was playing at ate it up and it was just the best. Literally the best.

Verklemmt, I'm verklemmt, is what I am. I did not even mind seeing all these people I went to high school with there, who are now truckers/fat/pregnant/have no teeth.

Going Places! I love my brother and am very lucky to have him. I also love all of you guys, and the whole world, really. But especially my bro.


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