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So this is way more effort than I usually put into any single post, but I have so many THOUGHTS and FEELINGS about the Marvel movies and repression is unhealthy, I hear. So step into my brain, you're welcome.

This is, basically, a list of my favorite characters from the Marvel comics (that haven't already appeared in a Marvel film/been cast for a Marvel film yet) and then some actors that I picked out that I thought would do a good job/have the skill to pull it off/look really hot.

I would like to preface this by acknowledging that yes, I did pick some actors that are not the same race/ethnicity/nationality as the character and if you take issue with that I don't really care. Like we need more movies about blonde, white women, sheesh.

Second disclaimer: I have rather spotty canon comic knowledge based on what I remember from when I was a kid and the few and far between comics I read now, plus shit I've gleaned from fic + the internet + blogs + context clues. So, um, Felicia Day I am not.

Also, this list is somewhat biased towards the ladies because seriously, one female Avenger? One? That's all we get? Not on. )

Been working on this for two days. Still unemployed? Why yes, how did you know?


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